News broke Tuesday of a massive college admissions cheating scandal uncovered by the Department of Justice in which more than 50 people were charged for scheming to admit students to universities across the country.

Those arrested include exam administrators, coaches and parents, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. Huffman was arrested early Tuesday morning by "FBI agents with their guns drawn," and Loughlin is expected to surrender Wednesday. Court documents say Loughlin and Huffman paid a college admissions consultant who launched a fake consulting group to assist the actresses' children in cheating on tests and getting fake athletic scholarships to get into college. 

But could the two actresses be facing jail time? An expert told Today a felony crime of this scope could lead to "real prison time . . .  although you could imagine if they cooperate this not being the kind of thing where the feds want to jail a bunch of parents." 

The case is the Justice Department's largest-ever college admissions prosecution.

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