Young Bulldogs enjoy Ascension Catholic football camp

Kyle Riviere
Young players from kindergarten to eighth grade participated in the Ascension Catholic Football Skills camp. Photo by Kyle Riviere.

The future of Ascension Catholic football was on display July 15-17, as many young Bulldogs fought off the heat to participate in the Ascension Catholic Football Skills camp.

The three-day camp was held at the Bulldog practice field and welcomed aspiring football players from kindergarten through eighth grade. All participants had to be students at either Ascension Catholic, St. Elizabeth, St. Theresa or St. John of Plaquemine.

Putting on the camp was 25-year-old first-year Bulldog head coach Drey Trosclair, his coaching staff and the Ascension Catholic senior football players.

"We're teaching the basics of football so the kids can have a better understanding of it," Trosclair said. "We did a little chalk-talk session in the locker room on day one and they had a lot of retention. We did a little review with them this morning before we came out for drills, and they remembered a lot of it."

Trosclair continued that the youth were able to learn lots from the camp.

"This is really for these guys to come out here with their classmates and have fun together and learn a little about football," he said. "Football's a great sport, and we just want to teach them the safe ways to do everything so that they can play for a long time."

Trosclair said he was thrilled with the great turnout despite the blistering July heat, but noted that the weather was likely more of a detriment to he and his coaches rather than the students.

"They come here every morning bright and early and ready to go," he said.

"They don't ever run out of energy. You can give them as many breaks as you want, but they don't need the breaks. It's the coaches that need the breaks. They're doing a great job; it's been a success so far."

The Ascension Catholic coaching staff took the time to teach the younger participants the basics of the game.

When it came to the older athletes, they were taught more complex concepts – like coverages and gap responsibilities.

At the end of the four-hour practice sessions each day, they were able to have a little fun as they competed against each other in games.

On the final day, the students were treated to jambalaya and given T-shirts.

Coach Trosclair said that the camp was a very rewarding experience for him, adding that it was also incredibly rewarding for his senior football players.

"It's awesome to be able to give back – the community is a big deal," Trosclair said. "It's a big deal to get the community members together and have everybody help one another out so if we can do anything for these kids to get them to like football and want to eventually play it, that's a great thing.

It's also a great opportunity for our senior football players to be out here and be coaches. It's a fun thing for them. They get to give some service and some community outreach, and it's great for the coaching staff. We love it. Being able to give back to the community is just an awesome thing."

Now that the camp has come to an end, Trosclair and his Bulldogs team will continue to prepare for this upcoming season.

Ascension Catholic went 8-3 in 2014 and reached the playoffs for the second year in a row.

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