Black Dragon wins big at Battle of the Belts tournament

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
From left to right are:  Bryan Coppola, Jame' Hood, Chelsey Leblanc, Thomas Andrews and Julia Carroll.

On Saturday, April 20, Black Dragon Martial Arts, LLC, of Prairieville, attended the Battle of the Belts Martial Arts tournament hosted by Grandmaster Larry Billingslea at the Highland Road BREC Park. The tournament was held to support the Baton Rouge Food Bank.

Black Dragon was well-represented by Master Ken Ducote, owner of the school, nine of the students, their families and supporters of the school. Team Black Dragon won the following awards:

Chelsey Leblanc-1st place in forms (times 2) and 3rd place in sparring. Chelsey is a red belt and had to compete against two black belts in the sparring match.

Jame' Hood-1st place in sparring, 2nd place in forms and 2nd place in weapons (Sai)

Bryan Coppola-1st place in sparring, 3rd place in forms and 1st place in weapons (sword)

Thomas Andrews-1st place in sparring

Christian Gallo-2nd place in sparring and 1st place in forms.

Treg Arboneaux-3rd place in forms ( first tournament competition )

Julia Carroll-1st place in sparring

Natalie Espinosa-3rd place in forms

Brandon Espinosa- 1st place in forms

Black Dragon Martial Arts thanks Grandmaster Billingslea for inviting them to be a part of such a worthy cause.

Black Dragon Martial Arts is known for its social involvement in the community, for sport Taekwondo, Tactical Hapkido (non-sport self defense) and women's self defense known as Conflict Continuum. Black Dragon is also known for its warm, friendly, family atmosphere.

Master Ken Ducote is the Louisiana State Director for the Tactical Hapkido/ Universal Taekwondo Alliance under Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker.

For more information about Black Dragon Martial Arts, call (225) 571-2405 or check their website at