Outdoor Corner: Fishing Fashion

Lyle Johnson

So, I’m still on the shutdown with very little time to spend on my computer at home. Thanks to all the folks who take the time to read this column. We’ll go back a few years with a somewhat humorous look at women’s and fishing fashion. Enjoy.

Occasionally, this is the scenario when a couple is getting ready to go somewhere and the female can’t decide what to wear. “Does this go with this? Should I wear the dark jeans or the light ones? Short sleeve or tank top or is it too hot for a long sleeve?” Most of the time us guys are at a loss to help very much and don’t understand why she can’t decide; until now.

Seth and Denver Leblanc with their string of bass they caught.

Well, ladies, if you don’t know this already, us guys getting ready to go fishing is way worse than any dilemma you go through getting dressed. We just don’t ask you what to pick out. That’s not your thing, right? Come to think of it, fashion is not our thing either and you probably don’t listen to our suggestions anyway.

This is me. First, we have to pick out our weapons for battle. Which rods and reels shall I bring; not too many because I’m fishing in someone else’s boat but not too few either. Gotta be prepared, you know. It took me 10 minutes to decide the correct number was six, then pick out the ones I wanted. Baitcasters or spinning, light or heavy line, braid or mono; man, the choices are endless.

Next is the type of bait. My favorite way to catch bass is with plastic baits, so first on the agenda is the type. It just gets worse as the process goes along; plastic worms of all shapes and sizes. If you think fashion, jewelry or shoe designers come up with names for their products; think again. Honey worm, shaky worm, power worm, straight tail, paddle tail, twister tail — need I go on?

“Creature” baits are really high on my list as well. How about Brush Hog, Pit Boss, Hawk Hawg, Sweet Beaver, Rocket Craw, Rage Tail Craw, Space Monkey, Chigger Craw? There’s leeches, toads, lizards, snakes, is there really a need to go on?

Grant Bourque holds two of the bass he and his dad, Nate, landed.

So, finally, I settle on a Strike King Rage Tail Craw. What next, the color. We have more colors than lipstick manufacturers that appeal to any taste one might have. Like the fruity kind? How about Black Grape, Cherry seed, Plum, Watermelon or what about Electric Grape?

Got a sweet tooth? Hard Candy, Cotton Candy or Watermelon Candy. Romance? There’s Midnight Fire — heck there’s even one that sounds like a Kenny Chesney song; Tequila Sunrise. I chose watermelon/red that I’ll dip in chartreuse dye that is garlic flavored. Seems to be getting a little pitiful doesn’t it?

Wow, one rod done and five more to go. This time of year the topwater baits are always one of my favorites early in the morning. But there are buzz baits, scum frogs, stick baits, poppers and walkers. Colors are next; Well I could have chosen a Foxy Shad, Lady Shad or Lemon/Lime Crush. Guys doesn’t this seem to be getting a bit ridiculous.

Next comes a hard bait to select. Strike King’s Red Eye Shad quickly comes to mind so here we go with the color. Chili Craw is making me a little hungry, Bad to the Bone makes me want to sing, Sensitive Shad makes me a little emotional and the Sexy Shad…well, I’ll leave that one alone but Sexy Shad it is!

I pick up another rod and I’m just about mentally exhausted. Point fishing is good this time of year so a plastic worm is in order. Shall I use a straight tail, a twister tail or a trick worm? Color choice again, it never stops.

Zoom offers over 400 colors in their plastic bait selection to fit every need. For the auto mechanic there’s motor oil. For the vegetarian there’s avocado & tomato. For the person with a sweet tooth there’s cotton candy & watermelon candy. Is this not pitiful? I have more rods to get ready. How can we put ourselves through so much torture? Man, it’s time for bed.

Oh yeah, we even get the “I ain’t got nothing to wear” figuratively as well. Two tackle boxes crammed full, two tackle bags, sundry “Wal-Mart” bags filled with stuff we never opened as of yet and a 22” X 36” plastic tote with “God knows what” in it. Man, this is sorry!

Ladies, I want to take this opportunity to apologize for every man that’s ever gotten frustrated, angry or bent out of shape when you’ve asked him a fashion question of any sort. We are much worse when it comes to these kinds of choices. I will always empathize with my wife from now on.

Ascension Area Anglers held their annual fundraiser bass tournament at Doiron’s Landing in Stevensville last Sunday. 68 boats took to the water, testing their angling skills to put enough weight on the scales to take home the $1,000 first-place check.

All proceeds from the event will be used to assist #louisianabassnation anglers with expenses at The BASS Nation Championship, as well as allow us to donate to our favorite local charities, Anything Outdoors Helping Kids and Fishing for Tucker. This year David Cavell and Hunter Neuville will be representing #louisianabassnation at The BASS Nation Championship. Thanks for coming out to support these two great local anglers.

The team of Jason and Brennan Cryer fished in the Atchafalaya basin to fool five bass into hitting their lures that weighed 15.17 pounds and take home first place and the $1,000 check. Second place went to the long-time team of Jamie Laiche and Paul Carmouche. They fished the Spillway, flipping and pitching plastic lures to wood and matted vegetation. Their five-bass string weighed a total of 14.67 pounds and earned a $750 check.

Third place went to Matt Michel and Chet Peterson, with five bass at 13.96 pounds and a $600 check. Fourth place was David Cavell and Mark Smith, with five bass at 13.47 pounds and $475. They also had the big bass at 5.07 pounds for $500. Fifth place was Steve Leach and Glenn Leonard with five bass at 13.18 pounds and a $375 payday.

Great tournament for a great cause. So until next time, remember to keep the slack out and set the hook hard. Have fun in the outdoors, be safe and may God truly bless you!

Outdoor Calendar

  • Tuesday Evening Bass Tournament: St James Boat Club; Fishers of men tournament trail through August, with a Classic. 5 p.m. until dark. All info on Facebook Tuesday evening Blind River bass.
  • CCA Statewide Anglers’ Rodeo: Through Sept. 6. CCA Louisiana saltwater rodeo with divisions and numerous categories. Must be CCA member. Website: www.ccalouisiana.com.
  • South Louisiana Highpower Club Match: Aug. 29 — 7:30 a.m., squadding; 8 a.m. on the range, Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Range, St. Landry Road, Gonzales. NRA match rifle or service rifle, 200-yard/50-rounds match course. Fee $12 members, $15 nonmembers, $5 juniors. $15 annual club & Civilian Marksmanship Program membership (allows purchases from CMP). Email Rick Mol: southlahighpower@hotmail.com
  • 20th annual Jacob Dugas Bass Tournament: Sept. 25 out of Doiron’s Landing in Stephensville; $200 entry fee for pick-your-partner team. Optional big bass $10, no bass $10. Find them on Facebook or call Curt Parent (225) 337-2996 or Philip Waguespack (225) 571-4169

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