Outdoor Corner: Katching for Kyn

Lyle Johnson

There must be something in the water. Folks in our area, especially the outdoors crowd, jump at the drop of a hat when someone is in need. As a matter of fact, Louisiana is one of the most generous states per capita for charitable causes.

Seth Neal visited the pier recently to participate in the catfish round-up taking place on the Diversion.

Well, there’s another chance for folks to help out. Kynlee Bueche is a young girl who has a brain tumor, and not many parents have the resources to provide everything their child will need medically to overcome this tragic turn in her young life.

So two guys have taken the bull by the horns to help do something about it.

This is River Bourque fishing with his Paw Paw Nate, proudly standing with his very nice chinquapin he caught on April 9 in their backyard using a night crawler.

Joel Bizet and Joey Stein are asking bass fishermen to show up for Katching for Kyn, an April 24 pick-your-partner tournament with a $150 entry. There are two check-in points that are available starting at 5 a.m. One is Jack Miller’s and the other is the Pierre Part Store.

After checking in, anglers can head to any launch in the Lake Verret or Atchafalaya Basin. Below Hwy 90 is off limits. Bizet and Stein said there’s a $3,000 guarantee for the first-place team, and the rest will be split between the top teams and a fund to help Kynlee get well.

There will also be a Shooting for a Miracle Family Fun Day as well. It will be held at the Mike Zito Center at 61755 Bayou Rd 70764 in Plaquemine. There will be live music, a live and silent auction, activities for all ages, Kona Ice and food/beverages. If you can’t make it, donations can be made and for any info you’d like call (225) 775-3873.

This is just one of the tubs of catfish that I’ve recently cleaned fishing in the Diversion Canal.

Hey, with all that rain we’ve had in the past three weeks, along with the timing of the spawn, the catfish have gone off the chain in the Diversion canal. I’ve been fishing with the three poles that I use to tight line with. I’ve caught over 100 in the past three weeks up to 15 pounds.

Now would be a great time to plan a fishing trip somewhere in this area in your boat or from the bank. One of the baits that have been successful is shad. I’ve been able to catch some in a cast net. Cutting them into ½” slices have been real affective.

The secondary bait has been crawfish. This has been a great year for finding them in ditches and getting them with a dip net. One to two inch long are the best size but in this case size really doesn’t matter. The big ones work and sometimes catch bigger catfish.

If foraging for your own bait is not your bag, chicken livers and hearts work pretty good. If you want to go for a big one, catch some bream to experience some live bait action. The results might be slower but the reward just might be a river monster. There are some 50- or 60-pound flatheads swimming around out there looking for an easy meal.

If the current is swift fishing from the bank, fish closer to the bank as the fish can’t stay in the high current. Use a 3 or 4 ounce weight and adjust up or down according to the flow. A 1/0 circle catfish hook increases the percentage of hook ups, they really work.

According to the river gauges and my experience of being on the river, the Amite River, the Diversion Canal and Blind River to Lake Maurepas should keep good current flowing through the weekend, especially if we have a little more rain this week.

So one of our Louisiana Legends, Don Dubuc, has a spot on his radio show titled Bad Boys of the Outdoors where he features game law violators. I’m not sure if this pair will make the cut but they certainly will qualify for the dumbest. Maybe top Dumb and Dumber!

What starts off as a normal press release the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents cited a Laplace man and a juvenile for an alleged cruelty to animal violation on March 30. They put the pinch on Sylvest Oubre, 18, years of age and a juvenile for simple cruelty to animals.

Agents received multiple complaints about a video on social media showing Oubre kicking an Anhinga, a slender waterbird, while the juvenile was the cameraman using his cell phone.  Here comes the good part. The juvenile then posted the video on social media.

Agents then made contact with the juvenile and Oubre and they said they were fishing in the Belle Terre Country Club pond when they hooked the Anhinga and that is when the incident took place. Simple cruelty to animals brings up to a $1,000 fine and six months in jail. From Facebook to FaceCrook.

That is not the first time Law Enforcement of some sort has used social media to find and prosecute criminals and because of raw stupidity it won’t be the last. These two certainly qualify for Dumb Boys of the Outdoors. Ya’ listening Don?

Spring is sprung, everything is green, the blackberries are getting ripe and life is good in the outdoors. So until next time, remember to keep the slack out and set the hook hard. Have fun in the outdoors, be safe and may God truly bless you!