New Pelicans coach Gentry has message for his new team

Jim Eichenhofer
New Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry. Photo by

Minutes after Golden State wrapped up the 2015 NBA championship late Tuesday night, Steve Kerr saw a TV camera in his team’s locker room and half-jokingly asked assistant Alvin Gentry to deliver a message back to New Orleans, where Gentry will take over as head coach in 2015-16. On live TV, a laughing Kerr may not have expected what came next out of Gentry’s mouth.

“Hey AD, AD, we’re going to be right back here (in the NBA Finals)!” a grinning, champagne-drenched Gentry said to Pelicans All-Star forward Anthony Davis, directly into an NBA TV camera. “We’re going to be right back here, ok? This is where we’re coming! Alright.”

Kerr’s reaction was just as entertaining as Gentry’s mini-speech.

“You’re not on the staff anymore,” Kerr joked, pretending to gesture to have Gentry removed from the locker room. “Security! Take him out of here!”

The playful exchange also included a reference to upcoming games next season between the defending NBA champion Warriors and the Gentry-led Pelicans.

“We’re going to kick the Pelicans’ (butts) next year,” Kerr said earlier.