Rockies reveal 'City Connect' uniforms that honor Colorado's license plate

Nike and the Colorado Rockies on Friday revealed the team's City Connect uniforms, which pay tribute to the mountains and trees the state is known for, as well as the Colorado license plate.

The Rockies will debut the uniforms Saturday, June 4 in a home game against the Atlanta Braves. 

The jerseys are white at the collar and shoulders and feature a pine green silhouette of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, with "COLORADO" written across the chest. The font used for the name is the same used in the state's license plates, which also feature a pine green silhouette of mountains under a white sky.

Purple accents are showcased on the sleeves, pants and numbers on the back of the jerseys, which are inspired by the row of purple seats in the 20th row of the upper deck at Coors Field. While the majority of the rest of seats in the stadium are pine green, the row in purple designates the exact elevation of one mile above sea level, 5,280 feet.

That's not the only homage to the state's elevation. On the right sleeve, the jerseys feature a yellow tag with "5280" under two black diamonds, which pay tribute to Double Black Diamond ski runs. Below that are the coordinates of Coors Field.

"We wanted it to be a classic look, a Colorado look and there were other ideas bounced out there and about, going a little more wild or crazier than this, but we thought this would appeal not only to our younger fans and the younger generations, but ... it would appeal to our older fan base," Rockies vice president Jim Kellogg said in a statement. "It's classic, it's clean and that's what people think of Denver and Colorado when they enjoy a ballgame."

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Above the jock tag is stitched "WELCOME TO COLORFUL COLORADO," which is inspired by a road sign that welcomes visitors to the state.

Finally, the cap's front panels are white with the back and bill being pine green. In the center of the cap is a circular patch that has snow-capped purple mountains under "CO" in the same license plate font in thick, white letters. The sky above the mountains is light blue. Around the circular patch are two rings; the interior one is red, to represent the color of the state's soil and the exterior is gold, to represent the sunshine.