St. Amant honors longtime Gator supporter Clark Lambert

Kyle Riviere
The St. Amant softball team showed their appreciation for all of Lambert's support for the team at his retirement ceremony last Tuesday.

Last Tuesday evening at Butch Gore Park, the "Mayor of St. Amant High" finally received his well-deserved sendoff.

Clark Lambert has been a fixture of St. Amant high school and their athletic program for nearly 40 years now.

During working hours, he worked hard to help out at the school in any way that he could and once the work day ended, he was there to support Gator athletics.

"I believe Mr. Clark is probably the one person that gives me a run for my money when it comes to showing Gator pride," St. Amant Principal Mia Edwards said.

Lambert officially retired as the school's custodian after 36 years of service, but that hasn't stopped him from making his way to The Pit, the Gold Dome and the baseball and softball parks to watch the Gators play.

On Tuesday evening, St. Amant High and the St. Amant Booster Club gave him a ceremony prior to the Lady Gator softball team's first-round playoff win over Chalmette.

"He retired in the summer so we really didn't get a chance to do a big sendoff for him. It's 36 years of service to St. Amant high school that I would like to thank him for," Edwards said.

The St. Amant faithful was there to celebrate Lambert's big day along with Edwards, Booster Club President James E. LeBlanc, Athletic Director and head football coach David Oliver and of course, the softball team and their head coach Scott Nielson.

Nielson said that Lambert is the most dedicated Gator fan he knows.

"The fact that he's still around and still doing things for us, for our girls, for our program, it's a testament to his dedication," Nielson said. "Mr. Clark, we appreciate it, and we couldn't do it without you."

LeBlanc pointed out that in Lambert's 36 years of service, he amazingly went 35 straight years without missing a day of work.

"Clark has served the students, the administration and the 22 sports at St. Amant High School with so much determination," LeBlanc said. He went on to say that the 22 sports just wouldn't be the same without him.

Ever since Lambert called it quits during the summer, the St. Amant faculty and students have immediately found out just how valuable he was.

"We did not realize what a cornerstone he was to St. Amant high school, but I think we're just starting to be able to function on a daily basis without calling Mr. Clark for something because everything that happened, it was always, 'someone call Mr. Clark,'" Edwards said. "So, we're finally trying to figure things out and function without Mr. Clark."

At Tuesday's pre-game ceremony, Edwards had one simple message for Lambert.

"Mr. Clark, I just wanted to thank you and let you know just how much we appreciate you and just how much we love you, and we miss you so, so much," Edwards said.

Lambert will continue to enjoy his retirement, but it won't stop him from getting out and supporting St. Amant High-School sports.