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EA's Dunn receives Athlete of the Year award

Kyle Riviere
East Ascension's Keenen Dunn (No. 7) was a first-team All-Parish player in 2016. Photo by DKMoon Photography.

It was quite the memorable week for Keenen Dunn as he parted ways with East Ascension High after an accomplished athletic career.

First, Dunn was able to joyously celebrate with his classmates, family and friends as he graduated from the school, and that was soon followed up with him capturing a prestigious national award.

Last week, Dunn became the recipient of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s 2017 All-American Athlete of the Year Award.

Dunn was nominated for this award by his former coach Keragan McCready.

McCready was East Ascension’s longtime strength and conditioning coach and the offensive coordinator on the football team.

McCready is a member of the NSCA. Three years ago, the organization awarded he and East Ascension with the Strength of America Award—which recognized the school’s strength and conditioning program as the gold standard in high-school athletics.

When he won the award, McCready said, "Here in Ascension, it's almost like an arms race between the schools. This is something that we can take a lot of pride in; it sets us apart as the only school in the state to ever win this award."

McCready just recently left East Ascension to join Dutchtown and serve on the coaching staff under first-year head coach Guy Mistretta.

Scott Caulfield, the NSCA’s head strength and conditioning coach said, “We are proud to have Coach Keragan McCready join the NSCA to ensure athlete safety and improve athletic performance. Supporting NSCA-certified coaches and student-athletes like Keenen Dunn is the foundation the NSCA is built on.”

The All-American Athlete of the Year award is about more than just a player’s exploits on the field. It recognizes a player’s outstanding accomplishments in both sports and in the classroom.

On the football field, Dunn has been one of East Ascension’s most versatile weapons on offense for the past few years.

After serving as backup quarterback and one of the team’s top wide receivers during his junior season, Dunn became the team’s Swiss Army Knife during his senior campaign.

Not only did he remain one of their top receivers, but he was also used at both quarterback and running back at times in helping lead the Spartans to the second round of the playoffs.

For his strong play, Dunn was a second-team All-District 5-5A selection, and he was a first-team selection on the All-Parish squad.