Bulldog offense could feature two-QB attack in 2015

Kyle Riviere
DC Mattingly returns for his senior season as an all-distrcict quarterback for the Bulldogs. Photos by Kyle Riviere.

It's often said by football fans that if you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterback.

First-year Ascension Catholic head coach Drey Trosclair doesn't see it that way.

The Bulldogs currently have two QBs seeing plenty of reps as they open fall camp, and Trosclair sees it as a blessing.

Returning all-district quarterback DC Mattingly returns, but he might be splitting time with emerging athlete Javon Yarbrough.

"It's too early to tell right now. They're both getting reps," Trosclair said. "Javon is actually getting reps at running back, wide receiver and safety on defense. He's going to be an all-around player for us, so it's not going to matter if he wins the quarterback job or not, he's going to be out there helping us out."

Whichever quarterback is behind center, Trosclair is confident that they can lead the offense. He believes that each player brings a tremendous skill-set to the table.

"DC is a senior. He's been in this position before, so I'm excited to have the leadership qualities he possesses," Troslcair said. "He's doing a great job getting the offense to move at the pace we like it to move. He can make all the throws; he can run it as well.

"It's always great to have a quarterback that can run and pass, and Javon's the same way. He can do all of those things too. We're excited about both of them. Having two quarterbacks that can play, that's a good problem to have."

The Bulldogs are coming off of a 8-3 season that ended in disappointment when they were bounced from the first round of the playoffs.

One of the major strengths of their team was their explosive offense.

They averaged 36 points per game during the regular season and scored at least 41 points on five separate occasions.

Ascension Catholic is hoping they can get the same kind of production out of their offense this year, but they'll be doing it in a different way.

Under Doug Moreau, the Bulldogs were operating out of a double-wing, option-style attack.

Trosclair is hoping to modernize the offense and implement the spread.

"We'll be running the spread. It's a multi-package look," Trosclair said. "We're not going to only be in double-sets, twins and trips. We have the I-formation thrown in there. We're going to mix it up with our personnel. We're going to be an up-temp, face-paced offense.

"We're getting a lot of work at it right now. It wasn't as good as I would have liked early in camp, but as we go on day by day, we're getting a little better. The guys are starting to understand the concepts of the offense a little better, so I like where we are right now."

However, with two quarterbacks leading the charge that are dangerous both through the air and on the ground, Ascension Catholic is not planning on getting too fancy for their own good.

Though they'll spread defenses out, they want to mix things up and keep defenders on their toes.

"We're going to try to balance it out. It's really going to be dictated by the game and the situation, but we're going to try to be as balanced as we can," Trosclair said. "We don't want to leave tendencies for the defense to pick up on. If I could choose, I'd like to be a 50/50 kind of offense. That's the plan."

The Bulldogs had an intrasquad scrimmage during spring practice, so their fall scrimmage will be the first chance they'll get to showcase their new offense against an opposing defense.

Mattingly and Yarbrough will lead the Ascension Catholic attack against Northlake Christian on Thursday, Aug. 20, at home.