McCready and EA win prestigious national award

Kyle Riviere
In addition to strength and conditioning coach, Keragan McCready is also offensive coordinator on the football team. Photo by DKMoon Photography.

Big things continue to happen at East Ascension.

The school hosted the state's first ever seven-on-seven championship tournament this past weekend and now, it has become the first Louisiana school to ever win the Strength of America Award.

Earlier this month, the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition announced that this year's award would be given to East Ascension High and strength and conditioning coach Keragan McCready.

"It's a great honor not just for me but for East Ascension High," McCready said. "It became the first school in Louisiana to ever win this award, and that's a huge honor. It says a lot about our school and our athletic program."

McCready has been the strength and conditioning coach at East Ascension for over four years now. He's also the offensive coordinator on the football team.

In earning the Strength of America Award, East Ascension is now considered to be the gold standard in strength and conditioning programs.

Coach McCready says that it was a collective effort by he, the school and the students that helped bring this award to Gonzales.

"This says a lot about the commitment by the school to really promote the strength and conditioning program to our students," McCready said. "It's been a key part of our athletic programs, and we're able to focus on both girl's sports and boy's sports so that they really see the benefits of it.

"I'm nationally certified, so I've been able to bring my knowledge of strength and conditioning to the school and implement what's needed for our sports programs to be successful."

To earn this prestigious award, East Ascension was measured in four major categories: supervision, education, program and facilities. The Spartan program was chosen the winner over the hundreds of schools that were eligible.

With the increasing number of inconsistent gym conditions and strength programs across the country, the NSCA and the President's Council of Fitness, Sports and Nutrition are working together to provide all high schools concise guidelines.

NSCA's Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Scott Caulfield said, "I am proud to have East Ascension high school be part of our ongoing mission to improve the education and programs for all our youth."

East Ascension will be honored during the NSCA's National Conference Awards Banquet on July 10, in Orlando, Fla.

Coach McCready said that he doesn't know just yet if he and other representatives of the school will make it out to the ceremony. East Ascension has so many things going on right now with the Adidas State 7v7 Championship Series that just passed and a summer lineman camp on the horizon.

One thing he does know is that this award is something that the school can take tremendous pride in winning.

"Winning this award sets us apart from other schools not just in the state but the other schools in the parish as well," McCready said. "Here in Ascension, it's almost like an arms race between the schools. This is something that we can take a lot of pride in; it sets us apart as the only school in the state to ever win this award."