Waguespack excited about the opportunity that awaits at Air Force

Kyle Riviere
Kade Waguespack signed with Air Force last week alongside his family and East Ascension football teammates.
Photo by Kyle Riviere.

Many people may be intimidated and hesitant to sign away the next nine years of their lives; East Ascension football standout Kade Waguespack isn't.

He looks at it as a true blessing and an amazing opportunity that not many other people have.

So, without any trepidation, Waguespack sat in a packed school library last Wednesday morning and signed a full letter of intent to continue his football career at the Air Force Academy.

Of course, after he graduates from the academy, he will then begin his official military service--which will be a five-year commitment.

Waguespack never really envisioned himself joining the service until the summer. That's when the Air Force Academy began to show him interest. It was just a matter of time until he began to look forward to the experience.

"As it all came up on me, more and more I've really accepted the fact that this is going to be a cool deal to be able to serve my country and play football," Waguespack said.

His supporters were there in bunches on Wednesday. Family, friends, his coaches, his football and baseball teammates, they were all there to congratulate him and celebrate his accomplishment.

"We're very excited about this for our football program. It lets you know that if you do things right, some good things will happen for you, and Kade is a great example of that," head football coach Paul Bourgeois said. "He took care of his business throughout his career academic-wise and any time we asked him to do something athletic-wise, he did it.

"In return, some good things took place, and he has an opportunity for a free education at a very high-academic and respectable program, so we're very excited to share this with him."

With such a big decision that carries along with it a nine-year commitment, Waguespack made absolute sure the Air Force Academy was where he wanted to be.

While all of the other parish stars signed their letters on National Signing Day the week prior, Waguespack waited.

He took one final visit to Colorado Springs during the weekend. The trip only made him more certain that this was the best decision for him.

"The last two times I've gone up there, I didn't really get a chance to talk to the players but after talking to a lot of the players this last time, it really made me think long and hard about it, and it really made me feel at home the way they took me in just for the few days I was there," Waguespack said.

One of the things that he's looking forward to is moving out to Colorado. He has fallen in love with the state during his multiple visits.

"I love Colorado. It's a lot different from over here," Waguespack said. "The humidity is zero compared to 100 percent over here--which I love. The people there that I've met so far are all very nice and welcoming."

The emergence of the football program also left a lasting impression on him.

"I think it's awesome. The program up there is awesome," Waguespack said. "Coach (Troy) Calhoun has done such a great job, coming off of a 10-3 season, and he's really getting a lot of great athletes to go there. I'm ready to play, and then I'll serve my five years afterward."

The Falcons will certainly be getting a very talented athlete in Waguespack.

After being named honorable mention all-district in his junior year, he became one of the Spartans' most dangerous weapons on offense during his senior campaign.

He played tight end, they split him out as wide receiver and he even carried the ball on many occasions. That versatility helped him earn first-team all-district honors.

He was also selected to play in the US Army Red Stick Bowl. After catching a 58-yard touchdown pass in that game, he was named the outstanding interior player for his team.

He doesn't care what his role ends up being at Air Force. He's just anxious to get on the field and try to help his team win.

Waguespack said, "I think I can bring a lot of different things. I think I'm very versatile in what I do when I'm on the field but whatever they want me to do, I'll do."

Spoken like a true cadet.