St. Amant to create new logo

Kristina Stafford
NCAA officials have decided that St. Amant High School needs to change their logo, as it is similar to that of The University of Florida Gators.

Recently, St. Amant High School received a letter from University of Florida, asking that the gator head logo no longer be used.  The letter states that the gator logo looks too similar to the one used by the University of Florida, and calls for St. Amant to re-create their own logo by 2018.

While some may see this as a direct hit to the high school, both for school spirit and financial reasons, St. Amant Principal Mia Edwards sees this as an opportunity to get the students and community involved in creating a new logo.

“This really hasn’t affected school moral all that much,” said Edwards. “Actually, it has been quite the opposite. Students, staff, and the community are now coming together to create a better gator and a better logo for our school.”

Financially, however, there will be some consequences, but these costs will not be sudden or soon. Edwards explains how the school will handle these fiscal issues:

“There will be some financial repercussions to the logo issue, however since we have such a long time according to the phase out plan, we will be able to space out the big expenditures over the next several years. We have until 2018 to completely phase out the logo.”

The phase-out plan calls for the travel trailer and helmets to be re-worked this year. Next year, the football field art will have to be re-done. Uniforms will still be worn for a few years, since St. Amant just ordered a new set last year. The final project that the school will undergo in 2018 will be the sanding down and re-painting of the school logo on the gym floor.

“This year we are required to repaint the trailer and order new helmets. In 2012, we will re-stencil the football field with a new logo. David Oliver, our Athletics Coordinator, has mapped out a cost-effective phase-out plan that will help defray the costs of the logo change.”

Janine Sikes, Public Relations director for the University of Florida, stated that the request to stop using the logo was done to protect themselves. The Collegiate Licensing Company, who handles all of the logo licensing for colleges, has requested for all high schools to discontinue using trademarked logos.

“We sent out a series of letters all over the country, asking that the schools create their own logos. This was sparked because many high schools around the country are developing licensing plans for their logos. St. Amant was in no way singled out,” Sikes stated.

The University of Florida and the Collegiate Licensing Company are trying to work with the high schools as much as possible by offering long-term phase out plans. The plan offered to St. Amant will span 7 years.

“We try our best to work with the schools on this issue, and that is why we are allowing such a long phase out time. Uniforms do not need to be replaced until they wear out. We allow lots of time for schools to budget out a plan that can work for them,” Sikes explained.

St. Amant is currently taking ideas from students, staff, and the Gonzales community for the new logo. Anyone can submit ideas, and in October the best options will be put up for a vote within the student body, and with a special focus group filled with alumni and parents created for the logo issue. If you have suggestions or ideas for the new Gator’s logo, e-mail

Kristina Stafford is a Reporter with the Gonzales Weekly Citizen. You can contact her by emailing,  calling 644-