Caged Tigers

Kyle Riviere
Weekly Citizen Sports Editor Kyle Riviere.

Tell me if you've heard this before: LSU players were arrested during the offseason.

It has become one of the safest bests in sports. Vegas needs to go ahead and start putting out odds on how many Tigers will get arrested right when the summer begins.

Last summer, it was Jalen Mills that was indefinitely suspended after allegedly assaulting a female.

The summer before, Jeremy Hill was suspended for a game and a half after getting into a fight. He was already on probation.

The summer before that, Tyrann Mathieu was not arrested, but he was kicked off of the team after failing multiple drug tests.

The summer before that, Jordan Jefferson was suspended for four games after getting into a huge brawl outside of a night club.

And of course, the summer transgressions all started with Ryan Perrilloux when he was kicked off of the team in 2008 for failing a drug test.

Here are more black eyes to add to the collection. A couple of weeks ago, four Tigers were arrested stemming from two different incidents.

Starting quarterback Anthony Jennings, starting defensive back Dwayne Thomas and defensive lineman Maquedius Bain were arrested for unauthorized entry. Thomas was charged with simple burglary as well.

They were allegedly trying to take back items Jennings said were stolen from him. He actually filed a police report before the incident, stating that a MacBook Air, a Playstation 4 and three pairs of shoes were taken.

He said Bain had retrieved the laptop from Nicholas Anderson, who bought it from some cat named "Doodaman."

The three were joined by a few other unidentified men as they broke into Anderson's apartment while his roommate watched from a distance. He didn't like his chances of intervening when it was six against one.

He said that Thomas broke through the door, the group entered the room and Thomas walked out with shoe boxes in hand. Consistent with Jennings' story, three pairs of shoes were missing from the room.

Defensive lineman Trey Lealaimatafao was arrested after a fight at Reggie's. He was charged with simple battery and simple robbery after allegedly trying to take money from a man that had just been knocked unconscious in the parking lot. When the man's girlfriend tried to stop him, he allegedly punched her in the face and continued to dig through the man's pockets. He fled the scene once cops arrived.

Lealaimatafao was also arrested last year after he allegedly stole a bike. He also punched through a window in the team's weight room last summer--severely cutting his arm. The injury sidelined him during his freshman season.

He hasn't played a single down.

I think it's safe to say that Les Miles did the right thing when he dealt this kid his walking papers. He has been on campus for less than two years now, and he has more arrests than career tackles.

He has been arrested twice, and he was dumb enough to punch through a window and nearly cut his arm off. Les can never be confused with a staunch disciplinarian, but he needed to kick this guy to the curb.

That's three strikes. He's out. If Les allowed him to stay, he would have had Jimbo Fisher looking like Ara Parseghian.

As far as the other guys, what they did was stupid, but it's still small potatoes. As far as we know, this is the first disciplinary issue for these three.

If they were to be suspended for just one game, that would satisfy me.

Even if the stuff they took was stolen from Jennings, you can't just break into the person's apartment. That's what the cops are there for; leave the vigilante justice to the "Dark Knight."

Getting back stolen items by force never ends well. Ask O.J. Simpson.

With Jennings indefinitely suspended and apparently in Les' dog house, this is the time when Brandon Harris needs to make his move.

He needs to practice harder than he has ever practiced before and get on Peyton Manning's level when it comes to watching game film. He needs to prepare as if he is the LSU starting quarterback.

The job is there for the taking. After Jennings' arrest, if Harris isn't the permanent starter by game one, I will have lost all hope in the youngster.

As for the rest of the LSU program, this has to stop. Every single summer, players are either getting arrested or thrown off of the team. And it's not just run-of-the-mill guys; it's starters.

It has been a very disturbing trend. If it happens every now and then, hey, that's just young kids doing stupid things--just like many young kids do.

However, when it's almost every single year, you have to look at the head coach. It once again tells us that Les is not cracking the whip on these guys.

They're obviously not scared of him because they continue to do stupid things and get into trouble. That's a toxic disciplinary environment.

The product on the field has already started to show cracks. Now, it's starting to crumble off of the field as well. Clean up your program, Les.