Stuck with two

Kyle Riviere
Weekly Citizen Sports Editor Kyle Riviere.

LSU fans aren't exactly enamored by the quarterback situation heading into the 2015-16 season but hopefully, by the end of the year, they can at least say to the Tiger starter that they're "happy to be stuck with you."

That's right. As of now, LSU isn't blessed with a quarterback; they're stuck with one. In fact, at this moment, they're stuck with two.

After the season ended, Tiger fans were teased with fantasies of hot-shot quarterbacks like Braxton Miller and Everett Golson transferring to the school during the spring.

They held out hope that these dreams would come into fruition. They envisioned the spoils that would come the Tigers' way if they actually had a quarterback that could consistently get the ball downfield.

I have to admit, I got caught up in that fantasy world as well. Well, my fellow Tiger fans, it's time to enter back into reality.

Those guys aren't coming to Baton Rouge. So, I must reluctantly inform you that we're stuck with Anthony Jennings and a young and inexperienced Brandon Harris again this season. Super.

Our hoops were elevated when this past season came to a close.

Both Miller and Golson were in tough spots where the writing on the wall loudly screamed that both would have no choice but to transfer and because they were both graduating in the spring, wherever they transfered to, they would be immediately eligible to play.

Because of Miller's season-ending shoulder injury at the beginning of the year, freshman J.T. Barrett stepped in and emerged as a Heisman candidate before going down with a season-ending injury of his own.

No problem. Cardale Jones came in and led the Buckeyes to three straight wins--which included a national title.

With Barrett and Jones both coming back next year, it looked obvious that Miller would bolt but as of right now, all signs point to him staying at Ohio State for his senior season.

He has been mum, but head coach Urban Meyer and Athletic Director Geno Smith have both gone on record saying that they're confident Miller will return.

That left Golson. The Notre Dame QB that led the Irish to the national title game as a freshman was benched in favor of sophomore Malik Zaire before the Music City Bowl.

After Zaire played well in the win over LSU, it was obvious Notre Dame was set to make him the starter heading into next year.

That's when reports surfaced that Golson wanted to transfer to LSU and that he had actually made contact with them about such a move.

However, all Tiger fans' hopes were dashed just recently when Golson decided that he would be transferring to Florida State instead. Golson didn't even bother making a visit to LSU during his recruitment.

So, it's official: we're stuck with Jennings and Harris.

This is a tough spot. It's even more tough when you go back to thinking about how perfect things would have been if Miller or Golson could have come to Baton Rouge.

It was really the perfect scenario. Someone like Miller is the kind of quarterback Les Miles loves, a multi-dimensional quarterback that can run.

If he came, it would instantly give LSU's offense a shot in the arm. It would make their run game better because of his ability to execute the option and when you give him the receivers LSU has to work with, the passing game could have been prolific.

He would have been the starter for one year. In the meantime, Harris--who I see as the future--could have learned under him and by 2016, he would have been ready to take over as the full-time starter.

That didn't happen. Now, we're right back to where we were when the Tigers lost to Notre Dame in the Music City Bowl.

I said it once and I'll say it again, Jennings just isn't the answer. We've seen him now for 15 games. There has been no growth, no improvement.

What you see is what you're going to get. He's not going to get much better.

On the other hand, I see plenty of potential in Harris. He has a great arm, and he has shown in spots that he can be very accurate. I think he could mature into a very good quarterback.

Here's the problem. He's just going to be a snot-nosed sophomore next season with minimal experience.

It's doesn't help that his confidence took a big shot last year courtesy of the predictable Miles QB mismanagement.

After having some nice outings, Miles threw him to the wolves on the road against Auburn. The moment was far too big for him. The rattled Harris went just 3-14 for 58 yards in the 41-7 shellacking.

Miles benched Harris for the rest of the game and pretty much the rest of the season. He was even forced to stay on the sideline when Jennings was leading the offense to a grand total of 123 total yards in an ugly 17-0 loss to Arkansas.

With all of the talent LSU has this year--especially on offense--they can't afford to play musical chairs again with the quarterbacks. There has to be consistency.

Miles needs to make Harris the starter from day one. Sure, he'll make some mistakes, but he'll grow from them, and he'll get better each week. The game will begin to slow down for him.

If he has a rough outing and gets rattled like at Auburn, you have the veteran Jennings to bring in, in relief, but you can't give up on Harris again this year. For a young quarterback, that would be devastating to his psyche.