Tulane athletes get first altitude training chamber

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Altitude International Inc. has been retained by Tulane University to design and install an altitude chamber training facility for enhanced performance training of their athletes. The simulated altitude chamber allows athletes to gain adaptive physiological benefits that can be achieved only by training at high altitude.

AI’s customized chambers enable athletes to train in an environment with less oxygen, producing more red blood cells, capillaries and muscle mass, thus providing athletes with higher performance and endurance capabilities.

The Altitude International chamber will be first of this revolutionary design installed at a US collegiate campus and is expected to bring marked results to team fitness and conditioning.

Altitude training offers a quantum leap forward for our athletic conditioning program,” said Tulane University’s Basketball Coach Michael Dunleavy. “We expect to see greater results in less time than with conventional workouts. We looked at a number of providers, but selected Altitude International because of their technology and depth of resources.”

The Tulane University altitude chamber training facility will be completed by year’s end and located within the Basketball Team’s Strength and Conditioning facility.

We’re looking forward to working with Tulane University’s coaching staff and trainers,” said Altitude International’s COO JB Frost. “Top sports science professionals will work directly with the team to develop training protocols specifically suited for their athletes.”

The chambers produced by Altitude International are a revolutionary step forward in the creation of controllable, complex environments that have never before been available in North America. Altitude International uses technology through a licensing agreement with Sporting Edge UK, an established brand in the U.K. that has been used internationally in some of the world’s most prestigious and demanding locations.

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