UYSA sports complex opens its doors in Gonzales

Kyle Riviere
The UYSA sports complex will be a place where young athletes can go to get coached and mentored. Photo by Kyle Riviere.

The young athletes of Ascension parish have a new home.

With the opening of the United Youth Sports of America sports complex, they have a place where they can join their friends and classmates and be coached, mentored, tutored and made into not just better athletes but better people.

This is nothing new to owner Warren Crockett Jr. He has been coaching and mentoring young Ascension athletes for a decade now. In addition to this new business venture, he also coaches AAU basketball teams in Prairieville.

"I've been a coach in our community now for 10 years, and I started this place to give back to the community and reach the children through sports and mentoring," Crockett said. "We're going to do mentorships, tutoring and we're going to spend time with the kids outside of these walls."

Crockett's new UYSA building is located on 705 North Burnside in the old Impact Cheer Building. Their motto is to "coach 'em, train 'em, educate 'em and mentor 'em.'"

They will offer indoor and outdoor football and basketball training for the kids.

The building will also be open to the public for rentals. Their court can be rented out as well as their multi-purpose room and projector for meetings or for training. You can even rent out the entire building.

On Friday nights, there will be special events for kids ages 7-12. There will be movies, popcorn, drinks and sports activity.

Finally, the building will hold afterschool tutoring, and it will also be available to those wishing to throw birthday parties.

Last Thursday night, many showed up to enjoy the UYSA building's open house. There was food and of course, the kids were able to hit the basketball court for some fun.

Crockett couldn't have been any happier. He put in so much work to finally get the place ready to open their doors.

"We've been at it for almost 24 hours a day," Crockett said. "This place has been empty for almost three years, so we had to start from the bottom. Just to see my vision finally being fulfilled, it's just a blessing."

The hard work was certainly worth it for Crockett. He thinks it's vital for the parish to have something like this for the kids to utilize.

"I think it's very important. I've had my business now for two years, but I've never had a facility. I've never had somewhere for the kids to go and they know that someone's there," Crockett said. "We picked this area. This area's primed for the youth in the community and now, we're going to put our best foot forward."

The UYSA will be offering a 20-percent discount for the players and families of the Bayou State Warriors and Prairieville Broncos.

For more information about UYSA, you can call them at (225) 644-UYSA (8972), you can visit their website at or you can email them at