Black Dragon starting "Karate for Seniors"

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Black Dragon Martial Arts--located at 40017 Hwy 42 in Prairieville, next to Leblanc's Grocery--is taking applications now for a new program: "Karate for Seniors" starting in January of 2015.

It's a good start for the New Year for body, mind and spirit. The program is led by Master Ken Ducote, a 4th degree black belt and a licensed psychotherapist. Ken is the owner and chief instructor at Black Dragon and the Louisiana State Director of the Tactical Hapkido/ Universal Taekwondo Alliance.

This program is for anyone over the age of 50 that is interested in a low-impact cardio workout modified for those seniors--male and female alike.

Along with the health benefits of increasing cognitive ability, flexibility, cardiovascular improvement and self defense techniques, this program is designed for seniors and is a safe and effective way to improve health and provide some skills to prevent one from becoming a victim in today's society.

One can Google the health benefits designed for this program. All this is in a safe and fun setting since Black Dragon is a family school concerned with community outreach and not a tournament-driven school.

Classes are scheduled to begin in January of 2015 on Saturday mornings from 8-9 a.m. There no contracts or start-up fees.

For more information and to register, call Ken at (225) 571-2405 or visit their website or