Why do you care about Tiger Woods?

Peter Silas Pasqua
Peter Silas Pasqua is the sports editor for the Gonzales Weekly Citizen. He can be reached at

This Tuesday night, I started surfing the T.V. Being an off night for football with just pre-conference college basketball on the air, I?had to tune off ESPN when reports about Tiger Woods began playing.

But as I flipped through the channels, there he was again. On CSPAN, FOXNEWS and CNBC. I really don’t give a hoot about Tiger Woods and never paid much attention to all the controversy surrounding him the past two weeks until one of the channels brought up a question whether a Saturday Night Live skit portraying him went overboard.

OK, I like SNL and tuned in. The comic clip illustrated Woods as an abused spouse. The question lied in whether it was acceptable because of his gender and if it had been reversed, would the show be frowned upon.

Once again, I could care less about Tiger Woods but it seems the entire world of media went ballistic when he collided his 2009 Cadillac Escalade with a hedge, fire hydrant and tree down the street.

Woods was taken to the hospital for minor facial lacerations and the incident was accompanied by reports and speculation about marital difficulties between he and his wife, Elin Nordegren.

The police report said Nordegren used a golf club to break the rear window of the vehicle to help extricate him.

The SNL clip shows what appears to be Nordegren’s character clubbing Tiger with one of the tools of his trade.

Soon after the incident, women began coming forward saying they had affairs with the golfer. Then Woods issued an apology for “transgressions” and dropped out of his own charity golf tournament. Two weeks later, the police were called to his home again to rush his mother-in-law to the hospital pushing the saga overboard.

Now, let us try to decipher. Advertisers have tentatively suspended TV ads featuring Woods. Hallejuah. Woods has enough money as it is.

Eldrick Tont is reportedly the first athlete to earn $1 billion dollars and I can bet you it isn’t from playing golf.

When he announced he would become a professional golfer, he immediately signed endorsement deals worth $40 million with Nike and $20 million with Titlist.

Woods was a child prodigy by the age of two in large part  due to his father’s desire for him to be a star. He was good and made it all the way to the top. But in golf.

I can understand a basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis or rugby player becoming the first athlete to exceed $1 billion or even a swimmer, wrestler, skier, surfer, etc. But golf? I?mean technically you don’t run, jog or even walk in this sport. That is why I have never taken interest unless Happy Gilmore was involved.

I’d like to say I feel some glee in someone who has been showered with such privileges exposed to disgrace but quite frankly, I just don’t care.