OUTDOOR CORNER: Gratitude is a character trait that brings good things to a person’s life

Lyle Johnson
Samuel Bergeron, 10, is pictured with his first redfish, a 10- pounder caught in Hopedale.

I know you’re probably reading this a day or so after Thanksgiving but I’d like to take a little time and space in this column to offer thanks for some of the things in my life. Gratitude is a character trait that brings good things to a person’s life and it’s something I probably need to a little more often.

First of all, I’d like to thank God for all the blessings He’s provided in my life, even when I didn’t deserve them. He’s good about that. I’d like to thank Him for His creation that I get to enjoy, experience and write about.

Although posthumously, I’d like to thank my Dad, Jerry Lyle for taking the time to introduce his six boys to the outdoors. I’m sure there were many times he would have enjoyed doing something different that dragging around a few of us fishing but he did it any way. Thanks dad!

Momma; man what would we do without mommas? I’d like to thank mine for putting up with the mud and stuff we drug in the house after tromping in the woods. For frying all the mullets or other weird water creatures we caught along New River or Bayou Francois. For boiling the crawfish we caught in the ditches by our house; for cooking all the robins, black birds, red birds we shot in a jambalaya and for being proud of us for what we caught or killed, although it probably grossed her out!

For the momma of my children, Deborah; my beautiful wife of 31 years, I’m especially thankful for doing the same for my son. She’s had to put up with a lot with me and Wesley. Thanks for coming fishing with us, even when you didn’t want to.

Thanks for not fussing when I get up at 2 am for a fishing or hunting trip and make enough noise to wake the dead. For the smells me and Wesley brought in with us; for frying the fish as soon as they were cleaned, even though it was late. Thanks for washing all the nasty clothes, although I know you probably just threw some of them away. Thanks for doing the same for our grandson, Canaan.

Thanks to all three of my kids; Kaycee, Wesley and Gabrielle for following in my footsteps and enjoying the outdoors with me. Thank you for letting me take you fishing and get to see myself all over again as I watched you catch your first fish. I know you’ll do the same for your kids.

I’d like to thank God again, for my place in life and being born in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” Thanks to the men and women in the armed services that pay with their blood, sweat and tears that ensure we stay that way.

Thanks for being born in Louisiana, “The Sportsman’s Paradise” and Ascension parish, a community that cares.

Thanks to the Gonzales Weekly Citizen for the opportunity to share my life and thoughts with a wonderful bunch of people who enjoy what we do in our area. Thanks to the people who tell me they enjoy reading what I write. Thanks for everything that’s “Good in the Gumbo”.

Wow; that’s just the short list. Although the first Thanksgiving celebration in1621 honored God for His provision, they had gone through their first winter and half of the population died. We too have adversity that we face now and then but the good things we have outweighs the difficult, so we have much to be thankful for. So remember to keep the slack out and set the hook hard. So until next time, GIVE THANKS, have fun in the outdoors, be safe and may God bless you.

Brooke Everett pictured with a doe she harvested while on a recent hunt.