HOOK, LINE, SINKER: EASL?Kids Fishing Rodeo attracts parents, children to Twin Lakes

Peter Silas Pasqua
Elizabeth Kennison, 6, Rhett Kennison, Trish Kennison, Monica Richard and Emilee Kennison, 4, enjoy fishing at Twin Lakes during the East Ascension Sportsman League’s 49th annual Kids Fishing Rodeo Saturday morning.

GEISMAR – Just after 9 a.m. Saturday, a mass of young fisherman pulled their lines out of the water at Twin Lakes.

As they walked to the weigh-in table at the 49th annual East Ascension Sportsman League’s Kids Fishing Rodeo, some had buckets full of fish. Others didn’t have as much luck but one thing was for sure. All had fun.

“The main reason we do this is to try and get kids involved in fishing at an early age,” said chairperson of the event Wesley Johnson. “If we can get them involved now, hopefully they will continue and enjoy a lifetime of fishing.”

A total of 138 children participated in the event and hot dogs and drinks were served during the weigh in.

“We do a lot of different things throughout the state but this is our signature event every year,” Johnson said. “The reason I volunteer is because when I was little it was done for me so it is only fair that I contribute to it now for other kids.”

Johnson said Twin Lakes has been the host of the event for as long as he can remember.

“There are a lot of fish in these two lakes,” Johnson said. “These ponds were built a long time ago and it has always had fish. I don’t think they restock it every year. It just replenishes itself.”

The rodeo also serves as an opportunity for parents to bond with tier children and gives some a chance to fish for the first time.

“Every year parents come with tier kids and it gives them an opportunity to spent time with them,” Johnson said. “To be honest there aren’t many places to fish around here anymore if you don’t have a boat or access to a pond.”

Kids are allowed to take the fish they caught home and those not taken are usually given to whoever wants them.

“It is good to take fish out of the pond once a year because it is only so big and they can’t go anywhere,” Johnson said. “When there is too many fish there is not enough food for them to eat so when you take some out it actually helps the rest of the population.”

Brennan Paxton caught the biggest fish of the day weighing in at .90 oz.

Tyler Williams brought in the most fish of any boy with 75 and Millie LaCarbo took 43 for the most of any girl.

In the 2-4 age group Mikaylah Bordelon had the most of any girl with 37 and Beau Rachel’s 21 were the most for any boy.

Sydney Williams had the most fish of any girl in the 5-7 age group with 38, while Cooper Savoy’s 30 were the most of any boy.

In the 8-10 age group Tyler Brown took the most fish of any boy with 40 and Karlie Delhommer’s 14 fish were the most of any girl.

Dustin Decoteau’s 48 fish were the most of any boy in the 11-14 age group and Cheyenne Johnson’s 14 were the most of any girl.

Bicycle winners included Tanner Webber, Harrison Pollet, Brook Lee and Abby Everett.

Johnson is expecting next year’s event, the 50th Annual EASL Kids Fishing Rodeo to be the biggest ever.

“We are going to do it pretty big next year,” Johnson said. “We have fundraisers all year long and this is where the money goes.”

Alyssa Grenfell , 8, and Chad Grenfell display a stringer of fish caught during the EASL’s Kids Fishing Rodeo Saturday morning at Twin Lakes.