Gonzales Bowlettes wrap up season with awards banquet

Staff reports

The Gonzales Bowlettes held their end of the year awards banquet May 19 at Frank's Cypress Hall in Prairieville.

The Bowlettes would like to thank their sponsors: Danny's Mini Warehouses, Impressions, Shelter Insurance, Iberville Companies, Delaune's Supermarket, Danny's Home Builders, Southland Fire, St. Amant Pharmacy, Thomas Marine, Babin's Cabinets, Harry Robert Insurance, and Child's World. 

The award for most improved bowler went to Vanessa Babin. Babin improved her average by 14.74 pins. The high average award went to Gwen Babin with a 165.12 average. 

The overall high handicap series award went to Annette Braud with a 693 while thehe overall high handicap game award went to Kathy Johnson (275). the overall high scratch series award went to Lynnette Broussard (562) and the overall high scratch game award went to Vicky Fonte (245).

Individual high handicap team awards were as follows: Danny's Mini Warehouses’ Marilyn Smith (637); Impressions’ Cathy Johnson (642); Shelter Insurance’s Judy Beaudette (631); Iberville Companies’ Anna Robertson (628); Delaune's Supermarket’s Annette Braud (693); Danny's Home Builders’ Stacey Poche (637); Southland Fire’s Nelda Luquette (668); St. Amant Pharmacy’s Carolyn Bourgeois (640); Thomas Marine’s Mona Braud (627); Babin's Cabinets’ (tie) Deanna Scherer and Vanessa Babin (655); Harry Robert Insurance’s Jane Henry (667) and Child's World’s Pat Volentine (659).

The First Place Team was Danny's Mini Warehouses;: Sharon Moore, Marilyn Smith, Gwen Babin and Lynnette Broussard.

The Second Place Team was Southland Fire: Nelda Luquette, Martha Elliott, Cheryl Burns, and Gail Tullier.

The Third Place Team was St. Amant Pharmacy: Michelle Guillory, Carolyn Bourgeois, Loretta Kinler and Cynthia Dupuy.

The Fourth Place Team was Danny's Home Builders: Alice Parent, Stacey Poche, Jean Diez and Myrna Guidry.

The Fifth Place Team was Thomas Marine: Lynda Lambert, Mona Braud, Rebecca Robert and Regina Hanson.

The Sixth Place Team was Shelter Insurance: Hazel Marionneaux, Judy Beaudette, Janie Berthelot, and Judy Guitreau.

The Seventh Place Team was Impressions: Jackie Achord, Cathy Johnson, Dot Persac and Kathy Johnson.

The Eighth Place Team was Delaune's Supermarket: Annette Braud, Teel Lee, Pip Blanchard and JoAnn Picou.

The Nineth Place Team was Iberville Companies: Margie Warthen, Pat Parker, Lorita Spedale and Anna Robertson.

The 10th Place Team was Harry Robert Insurance: Jane Henry, Shannon Mitchell, Vicky Fonte and Janice Hebert.

The 11h Place Team was Child's World: Sherien Wiles, Pat Valentine, Kay Cason and Valerie Melancon.

The 12th Place Team was Babin's Cabinets:?Deanna Scherer, Ethel Matherne and Vanessa Babin.

The Bowlettes would also like to thank their substitute bowlers--Lovey Brown, Lorraine Fearheiley, Kathy Gregoire, Claudette Hooper, Irma Mikell, Darlene Pearson and Jo Prendergast.

The Bowlettes will return to the allys Aug.18. Get your friends together and join the league. Bowling is on Tuesday mornings at Don Carter's starting at 9:30.

Call any of our members or our officers if you have any questions: president Deanna Scherer at 622-5204, vice-president Carolyn Bourgeois at 644-7600, treasurer/secretary Regina Hanson at 673-6977 or sergeamt at arms Rebecca Robert at 6471371.