Ascension 4-H Shooting competes in Southern Regional Match

Staff reports

LAKE?CHARLES – The Ascension Parish 4-H Shooting Sports Team traveled to Lake Charles April 24-25 to participate in the  Louisiana Southern Regional match.

Students were located into two places, the Lake Charles Coliseum and Lake Charles Gun Club.

Shotgun, Air Rifle, 22 Rifle, 22 Pistol, Air Pistol and Archery were some of the events that the kids competed in. 

In the Senior National Shotgun event, Joseph Babineaux, Taylor Gentile and Brett Brown shot three events, Sporting Clays, 5-stand and Skeet.  Gentile finished 13th  with a score of 115/150, while  Brown qualified to move on to state with a  score of 102/150 and  Babineaux finished 86/150.

In the Senior Modified Trap division Anthony Picou shot 31/50.  In the Junior Shotgun event, Montana Dupry shot 30/50, while Brendon Raffery shot 40/50, Dakota Jenkins shot 25/50, Adam Kling shot 25/50, Charles Brignac shot 20/50 and Jacob Delaune shot 20/50.  Raffery qualified to move on to state May 1.

In Senior Archery/Compund Gentile placed 2nd (265/600), Brown placed third (261/600) and Babineaux scored (/600). Brignac placed fourth (260) in Junior Archery/Compound while Kling placed 13th (146). 

In Senior CMP/Silouette/3P Rifle Jacie Kennison placed third (391), Jake Stoehr placed fourth (371),  Brown placed eighth (288) and  Gentile placed 13th (215).  In Senior CMP Rife, Babineaux placed first (221) while Rebekah Brignac placed second (124). 

In Junior CMP Rifle, Jenkins placed second (231),  Brignac placed fifth (172), Dillion Lejeune placed eight (137) and Brendon Raffery placed ninth (120), all qualifing for state. 

Jason Stoehr placed 16th(287) in BB Gun followed by Devin Geromini (246), Robert Brignac (246), Dylan Geromini (236), Ethan Dixon (232), Cameron Braud (226), Jacob Delaune (220) and Jared Stoehr (213). 

Kennison placed 2nd (581) in Senior Air Rifle followed by Jake Stoehr in third (564) and Anthony Picou in sixth (489). In Junior Air Rifle, Dillion Lejeune placed fifth (297).  Colby Dixon placed fourth (335) in Junior Air Pistol - Basic Benchh followed by Jacob Delaune (334), Monique Reed (221), Cameron Braud(192). 

Lejeune place third (298) in Junior Air Pistol - Advanced Bench followed by Cameron Braud in fifth (274).

Dixon placed fourth (190) in Junior - 2handed standing followed by Reed in fifth (177), Lejeune in sixth (140) and Delaune in seventh (125).  In Senior Archery/Bare Bow, Babineaux placed third (194),  Brown placed eight (125) and Gentile 13th (56). 

Chelsie Reed placed 3rd (183) in Junior Archery/Bare Bow followed by Delaune in 10th(60), Tyler Saizan(33) and Austin Saizan(13). Kennison placed 3rd (304) in 22 Pistol.

The team also won first place team awards in Junior Air Pistol, Junior CMP Rifle and Senior CMP/Sillouette/3P.

The mission of the Louisiana 4-H Shooting Sports Program is to assist youth in acquiring knowledge, developing life skills, and forming attitudes so that they may become self-directing, productive, and contributing members of society.

For more information, contact the local 4-H office at 225-621-5799.