EASL?presenting youth journalism opportunity

Staff reports

The East Ascension Sportsman’s League is presenting a youth journalism opportunity to give students a chance to get their writings published in the monthly publication “East Ascension Sportsman” or get their photographs on EASL’s website.

Students from fourth to 12th grade in public, private or home schools are eligible.

Articles and photographs must be about outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, wildlife activity in your back yard or other related outdoor experiences.

Articles must be 300 words in length but not more than 900 words. Only one picture may accompany an article. Picture must be sent as an attachment and not part of a word file but is not required.

Entries must be submitted in digital format like Word, WordPad or WordPerfect and photographs must be in JPG format.

Entries must have permission from parent or legal guardian and be submitted through parents’ or legal guardians’ email.

Entries must include name, age and/or grade, school, home address and phone number of parent or legal guardian.

You may particpate one time or as many times as you choose.

Go to, click on “Contact EAS” page, select under edito of the East Ascension Sportsman to submit.

For more information contact Greg Cedotal at 225-229-8861 or