Cruthirds headlines District 6-I team; Gibbs, Monconduit, Hartman named MVPs

Peter Silas Pasqua
Dutchtown’s Chelsea Cruthirds recently was named overall MVP of District 6-I after scoring 44 goals to go with 13 assists this season.

Dutchtown junior  Chelsea Cruthirds played a huge role in the Lady Griffins’ undefeated district record and run to the Division I quarterfinals that saw 113 goals scored as a team.

Cruthirds was recentlly recognized as the District 6-I overall MVP for the second consecutive year after scoring 44 goals to go with 13 assists this season.

East Ascension senior Alacey Monconduit was named defensive MVP while?Dutchtown sophomore Lexi Gibbs and St. Amant senior Joleigh Hartman were named co-offensive MVPs.

Monconduit, a top defender, led the Lady Spartans in steals and as East Ascension had seven shutouts in district play only allowing five goals.

Gibbs finished with 47 goals and 13 assists to team with Cruthrids for a deadly 1-2 punch.

Hartman scored 19 goals for St. Amant and added three assists as the Lady Gators put up 81 goals on the year.

A total of 12 players from the parish made first-team including Dutchtown senior Rachel Jiminez, junior Annie Etzel and freshmen Lindy Robichaux, East Ascension senior Claudia Flores, junior Caitlin Roddy and senior Arienne Ferchaud and St. Amant senior Lexi Crews and senior Dana Songe.

Jiminez scored seven goals and had six assists for Dutchtown, while Etzel had five assists and Robichaux scored 10 goals and had 12 assists.

Flores scored 15 goals for East Ascension and had 16 assists, while Roddy scored two goals and had three assists  as the central defender and Ferchaud averaged eight saves per game.

Crews scored three goals and had three assists for the Lady Gators while Songe scored 23 goals and had 11 assists.

Division I, District 6

First Team

Whitney Thibodeaux, Destrehan, Senior; Ashley Sylvester, Destrehan, Senior; Taylor Scyster, Destrehan, Senior; Rachel Jiminez, Dutchtown, Senior; Chelsea Cruthirds , Dutchtown, Junior; Annie Etzel, Dutchtown, Junior; Lexi Gibbs, Dutchtown, Sophomore; Lindy Robichaux, Dutchtown, Freshman; Claudia Flores, East Ascension, Senior; Alacey Monconduit, East Ascension, Senior; Caitlin Roddy, East Ascension, Junior; Tia Casadaban, East St. John, Senior; Jenessa Duncan, Hahnville, Senior; Leslie Jefferson, Hahnville, Senior; Lexi Crews, St. Amant, Senior; Joleigh Hartman, St. Amant, Senior; Dana Songe, St. Amant, Senior. Goalkeeper: Arienne Ferchaud, East Ascension, Senior

Second Team

Chelsea Campeaux, Destrehan, Sophomore; Laura Wattigney, Destrehan, Junior; Megan Romaire, Dutchtown, Junior; Erica Sweeney, Dutchtown, Junior; Holly Diez, Dutchtown, Freshman; Jaynie Stewart, Dutchtown, Freshman; Ashley Hunsberger, East Ascension, Senior; Brooke Lambert, East Ascension, Senior; Alyssa Leblanc, East Ascension, Sophomore; Kristin Simoneaux, East Ascension, Sophomore; Marissa Sanchez, East Ascension, Freshman; Amber Remondet, East St. John, Senior; Kayleigh Eppling, Hahnville, Sophomore; Annie Kinler, Hahnville, Junior; Arden Robert, Hahnville, Sophomre; Erica Arnold, St. Amant, Senior; Danielle Barton, St. Amant, Sophomore; Amanda Jackson, St. Amant, Sophomore; Nicholi Rowell, St. Amant, Sophomore. Goalkeepers: Taylor Kelley, Dutchtown; Destiny Louviere, Hahnville; Samantha Jackson, St. Amant

Overall MVP: Chelsea Cruthirds, Dutchtown, Junior. Defensive MVP: Alacey Monconduit, East Ascension, Senior. Co-Offensive MVP: Lexi Gibbs, Dutchtown, Sophomore. Co-Offensive MVP: Joleigh Hartman, St. Amant, Senior. Coach of the Year: Anant Vyas, Dutchtown