Rodriguez is A-Roid

Peter Silas Pasqua
Peter Silas Pasqua is the sports editor for the Gonzales Weekly Citizen. He can be reached at

ESPN’s Sportscenter dedicated nearly its entire hour Monday night to an interview of Alex Rodriguez confessing use of performance enhancing substances and commentary and analysis of his disclosure.

I?was dumb founded. Really, didn’t America’s sports channel have sports to report or was it really that slow of a day at the office.

Watching Peter Gammons interview with the A-Rod, I came to realize why I never liked him. He is spoiled. Bottom line.

Rodriguez said he “wanted to prove to everyone that I was  worth being one of the greatest players of all time.”

To me, that says it all. “Worth.” That is all that it is about with Rodriguez. How much I?am worth and it has been like that since day one. He doesn’t play the game for the fun of it. He plays for a paycheck.

I always thought Rodriguez got all the breaks and a lot special treatment on the way to the top and now we all know it is true. The help of Primobolan.

Rodriguez was a sell out from the beginning, reneging on a football scholarship to the University of Miami after signing a letter of intent. He was the first overall pick in 1993 and rose through the minor leagues almost like he was cheating.

I?may be going out on a limb here, but all the while another shortstop in the Mariners’ organization was moving his way up the minors.  By the time he got there, it was already the golden boy’s show. I?have resented Rodriguez ever since.

I have a poster of LSU’s first national championship that hangs just behind the alarm clock. When I hit the snooze button in the morning, it is usually the first thing I?see. On it, there is the official boxscore  from the game against Wichita State and batting in the ninth hole was a baseball player from St. Amant. At 10 years old, you don’t know how great it felt to see LSU win their first baseball national championship and have someone from home be on the team.

It is safe to say that Andy Sheets is my favorite baseball player of all time. My mom graduated from St. Amant the same year as his dad, who played on the Wildcats and the schools’ only basketball team to make a trip to the state tournament in 1964 and one day she arranged for him to sign a baseball cap and the actual front of the sports page I had saved that you may be accustomed to seeing in restaurants, bars and homes across south Louisiana.

Sheets never became a star   but he did play in a World Series with the Padres, enjoyed great success in Japan playing the game he loved and weighs in just about the same as he did when he put on a Gator uniform.

Rodriguez on the other hand, has gone on to win three AL MVPs, become the youngest player to hit 500 home runs and signed the most lucrative contract in sports along the way. But he has never played in a World Series and is now some 40-50 pounds heavier.

Rodriguez confessed that he took performance enhancing drugs during a three-year period beginning in 2001. Comparing numbers to the rest of his career, he averaged 13 more home runs during that time span. But the tale of the tape really lies in an interview with Katie Couric, where Rodriguez blatantly lies thus making him untrustworthy.

I?do give A-Rod credit for coming clean but I?don’t think he is one of the greatest baseball players ever and if Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire,?Roger Clemens and Pete Rose are not in the Hall of Fame, neither should he. I?mean Derek Jeter, hasn’t won a World Series since he arrived with the Yankees.

Before long, all the hype surrounding Rodriguez drug use will fade and he will just go back to being a choke artist in clutch situations. He is a golden boy just like his comrades in the Guitar Hero commercial spoofing that scene from Risky Business. Kobe Bryant overcame sexual assault allegations to be the biggest name in basketball. And Michael Phelps has already prevailed on a DUI?charge and I suspect when the next Olympics comes around everyone will forget his experimentation with the ganja.

Personally, I much rather Heidi Klum, the cover girl’s  take on the scene for Guitar Hero. By the way the SI?Swimsuit Issue is coming out today.