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Real estate investors now have stronger ROI tools than ever

Real Property Management
It’s no secret that there’s serious opportunity in the real estate market.

For savvy real estate investors, 2022 has turned out to be a good year. As portfolios grew, many made a profitable leap from owning their own home, to acquiring and developing additional properties for passive income from renting.

While the opportunities remain plentiful, navigating the risks of rising inflation and uncertain interest rates does require a certain degree of expertise and insight. Rental owners have increasingly turned to property management services to keep things running efficiently, often finding choosing the right property manager can make them more money, not less.

Some property managers help homeowners create sophisticated strategies for growth. For intentional investors looking to build wealth, current trends are fueling great opportunities according to Real Property Management, the largest property management franchise in North America. Let’s take a look at the most salient recent trends in the RE market.

Trend #1: Rents are rising faster than house prices

Rents are now rising at rates outpacing home prices in many parts of the country. In markets with a traditionally high cost of living like New York City, median rents broke records this summer, soaring to more than $5,000 for the first time in history. But most importantly, this trend has had a farther-reaching impact on the rental market nationwide.

From coast to coast, many areas have now seen rent increases of at least 30%, jumps once only experienced in places like Manhattan. Many of these hot spots now include areas where people moved during the pandemic for a lower cost of living as working remotely became commonplace. Property owners nationwide have already seen the benefits of rising rents in real-time raising their bottom line.

Trend #2: Single-family rentals are surging

In the wake of the white-hot housing market, another sector which has seen a huge upswell is the single-family rental, with multifamily home rentals gaining traction as well. It has marked a time when many property owners are taking advantage of the long-term investment opportunities like never before.

Many families are choosing to rent their home.

At the end of 2021, nearly 20% of single-family homes were sold to investors, according to Redfin. Bolstering this further, the National Association of Realtors predicted that the rent growth for multifamily homes will grow 10% this year compared to 7.8% in 2021. Following these promising tendencies, many property owners are now maximizing their long-term investment opportunities with a professionally managed portfolio of homes.

Trend #3: Solutions to optimize wealth

For investors, the right property management company can take the guesswork out of generating the best ROI possible. On their website, Real Property Management provides a Wealth Optimizer calculator which anyone can use. The free tool provides investors with expert-approved data on their rental property’s performance, or it can help analyze the potential of a future purchase. Adjustable variables help discerning investors as well as neophytes receive a fascinating look at the possibilities, all infused with proven expertise.

The Wealth Optimizer can also provide data you can use to generate a plan to achieve any given real estate investment goals. By evaluating specific objectives, their property managers can help you achieve short- and long-term value for property investments, based on user’s individual financial assumptions or models.

This comprises one powerful tool in the Real Property Management arsenal, but it’s far from the only one. Along with deep insight on current trends, they bring more than 30 years of hard-proven experience to each client relationship. They help investors understand the key variables impacting revenue and expenses right now and down the line.

The Wealth Optimizer offers an easy-to-use interface that’s packed with useful information about any given property in the U.S.

They walk each client through the full scope of their investment questions, including, appreciation, cash flow, property market value and equity growth. Over time, they’ll assess how investments are progressing and analyze if corrections should be made. With their help, investors can better anticipate the costs associated with vacancies and capital improvements, as well as track their investment’s appreciation over time.

In the present real estate market and beyond, a properly managed portfolio has never been more important for investors looking to optimize their wealth.

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