Letter: Elect a republican speaker

Kathryn Goppelt Gonzales, La.

Dear Editor:

The Speaker of the House is shaping up to be a fight between a Democrat Governor and the majority Republican House.  Fifty-three votes are required to elect the Speaker.  Sixty-one Republicans will be sworn in on January 11th before a vote is taken for speaker, but the new Democrat Governor wants a Democrat to hold the reins- Rep. Walt Leger of New Orleans. While campaigning the Governor-elect promised to promote his pro-life and pro-family values.

Leger is neither pro-life nor pro-family.  He has a 65% lifetime grade with the Louisiana Right to Life while strategically opting to abstain in 9 out of the last 15 major pro-life votes! Over that same time frame, Leger voted for government-funded abortions (Amendment 87A of HB 1247 (2010)), against defunding Planned Parenthood (HCR 11, (2012); HCR 54 (2011)), and against conscience protections for health care providers who wish to opt out of participating in abortion procedures (HB 517 (2009)).  

Earlier this year, he voted for voluntary sex education for third graders (HB 359 (2015)).

The Republicans have chosen a conservative from Metairie, Rep. Cameron Henry with a 100% lifetime grade from Louisiana Right to Life.

Why is the Speaker important?  The Speaker appoints every committee chair and membership, and assigns every bill to a friendly or hostile committee, making way for the 4th floor (Governor's office) to filter the will of the majority.  The Speaker is very powerful.

Call the House switchboard at (225-342-6945) and ask your Representative to support Rep. Cameron Henry.  Thank Ascension’s Republican delegation, Representatives Bacala, Berthelot and Schexnaydre, for supporting their Republican colleague and encourage them to stand against pressure from the Governor’s office.  Help the Governor make good on his campaign promise to promote pro-life, pro-family Louisiana values by electing a Republican Speaker.