Project Kidz Kove board president writes letter to editor

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

A letter to the Editor,

I take issue with a statement Mr. Gary LaCombe made in the issue of The Weekly Citizen, dated September 17, 2014. As reported by Deron Talley, Editor of The Weekly Citizen, Mr. LaCombe claims in an air of communion, that “they... (the Gonzales City Council)... did fund Project Kidz Kove”.

To set the record straight, LaCombe, along with Terrance Irvin and Tim Vessel (the usual pattern of the day) voted initially to have an allocation of 1/5th of Project Kidz Kove's overall budget be split up into payments over two-years; in effect, delaying completion of Kidz Kove Discovery Park for two years, if not longer. You see, given the current budget debacle, only ½ of an allocation can be utilized when a City budget has not been approved.

Even after an official letter from our architect, pro-bono, Micheal Buturla, principal architect and co-owner of Domain-Designs Architecture, substantiating that delaying such funds would delay construction, Mr. LaCombe voted to withhold the needed funding for Project Kidz Kove.

It was only after being swayed at a City Council meeting packed full of frustrated citizens, parents of children with special needs and children with special needs themselves, alongside a couple of beyond-irritated fellow Councilmen and Mayor, that LaCombe, Irvin and Vessel opened their eyes and actually saw how urgent the need for this funding was. I personally feel it is a shame that it takes an 11 year-old boy with cerebral palsy, Luke Ickes, coming to a council meeting to make a stand in front of a crowd of angry citizens, for these three to decide to finally represent the desire of the people they are said to serve.

So, for Gary LaCombe to sit back and non-chalantly suggest that Project Kidz Kove's PR Chair, Audrey Boudreaux corroborated that “they (and unfortunately he is a part of “they”) funded Project Kidz Kove” is a most egregious half, or I should say, fraction of the truth. We need to be very afraid, as citizens and voters, of how easy it is for Mr. LaCombe to twist and contort reality to suit his self-serving nature, and we should be equally afraid of how easy it is for someone to print his distortions.

Stacey C. Bumpus,

Concerned Citizen

Board Member, President

Project Kidz Kove