St. Amant resident writes letter to Editor about recreation

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on the article in your July 3rd edition concerning the recreation tax that will be on the Nov. 4th ballot. Why do the majority of taxes have to fall on the backs of homeowners? If a tax has to be placed on the ballot, why not do it as a ½ cent sales tax instead of a property tax? Is it because the parish council is saving that ½ cent sales tax to push it again for roads in the near future? At least a sales tax is fair and the burden is shared by everyone. You pay the tax based on the money you spend. I am a 100% disabled veteran that is fortunate to be a homeowner but I live on a fixed income as do many elderly and retired. Yet, we are continually bombarded with increased property taxes or new ones. If this recreation tax is such a great idea with widespread support, why was there such an extremely low turnout at the multiple meetings held around the parish concerning this issue? In your article you quoted Councilman Oliver Joseph as stating “You don’t want it. You live in the Stone Age…”.  Do I live in the Stone Age because I’m a disabled veteran on a fixed income and can’t afford the continued increases to the already approved property tax mills along with new ones they are trying to add? Do I live in the Stone Age because I would rather transport my children on safe roads and/or have a parish sewer system instead of a playground? How many people have died on our roads as compared to those who have died from not having a playground? I have an 8 year old son and I don’t expect the parish to provide places for my child to play. That is my responsibility, as the parent, not the governments or my fellow citizens. Tax dollars are limited and safety is a necessity while playgrounds are an option! If we voted down a road tax, why would we want to pass a playground tax? Is our parish council so inept that they can’t see our economy is not doing well and most homeowners, especially those on fixed incomes, are struggling with increasing costs in maintenance, insurance, utilities and the thousands we already pay in property taxes? I would like to end with one of the remarks you attributed to Mr. Donald Songy. You quoted him as stating, “Roads are important, recreation is important and other things are important as well”. He is absolutely correct and I hope our parish residents will be wise enough to know that there are many things we need that are much more important than playgrounds. I also hope they are not naïve enough to believe that if they pass this tax the parish won’t be back to their piggy bank, the taxpayers, for more taxes for roads, sewer or other issues in the very near future.

Thank You

Charles Leggett

44456 Daniel Guidry Rd

St. Amant. LA 70774