To whomever is running for Ascension Parish President:

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The per capita budget for Ascension Parish is, according to a Republican Party factoid a couple of years ago, about THREE times that of Livingston. With the huge property taxes Ascension gets from industry, the residential property taxes are, IMO, very high (MUCH, MUCH higher, for instance, than the City of Donaldsonville).

Ascension Parish population 110,000 - budget $126 million

Livingston Parish population 130,000 - budget $55 million

If Ascension Parish spent the same amount per person as Livingston, our budget would be only $46.5 million.

Livingston consumes $423 per person

Ascension consumes $1,145 per person

Question: How can the parish budget be drastically trimmed?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Marchand

809 Webster St.