Letter to the Editor

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

This is the first Minority midstream and fleeting operation in the

Western Hemisphere. Mr. Randy Anny is well known for fighting for the

rights of others and for those who cannot fight for themselves in and out of

the political arena. Mr. Anny has set many records in the past years in the

political arena but while he was setting records in politics he had already set

records in the maritime field. Even during his Mayoral election Mr. Anny

suffered a stroke on the optic nerve, which caused blindness for several

months he never gave up. He called on some close friends and asks them to

be his eyes and he would lead them. When the call came to Mr. Danny Picou

he had lost his dad a year before and he had just found out his mother might

not have long to live. When the call came to James Moses, he already had

suffered a life-threateningblow; he was involved in a major explosion that

left him with bums over 70% of his body. This forces Mr. Moses to wear a

facial mask and body armor to protect himself. Both answered the call and

entered Mr. Army's home with Randy sitting in a lazy boy recliner in slight

darkness. Danny asked Randy what happened and Randy explained to both

men the issues at hand. Mr. Picou's mother did past away and Mr. Moses

had to cut his tour short with Mr. Anny to take care of self and family. And

this is where this story begins, Mr. Randy Anny was first permitted for

borrow pit operations in 1992. He was permitted for fleeting operations in

1996; this made him the first minority in the United States (Black American)

with a fleeting operation. He continued in the maritime field and recently

applied for a midstream transfer facility permit. After ten months of hard

work by Mr. Richard Wright with Wright and Associates the permits were

approved by all agencies. At this time Mr. Wright broke history himself by

helping to permit the First minority (Black American) into the midstream

transfer facility business. Businesses of these natures can produce a gross

profit of several hundred million a year. Mr. Anny called on others to work

hand in hand with Mr. Anny to move operations into the next millennium.

Midstream facilities are very hard to come by because of the logistics of the

Mississippi River and the stringent permit requirements. Mr. Anny is also

situated in the Port of South Louisiana, which is one of the largest Ports in

the United States and the world. Mr. Anny's team suffered a hard blow when

the news reached them of Mr. Richard Wright's death. Mr. Wright called to

say that he received the Corp permit Saturday before Memorial Day and that

the permits would be in the mail Tuesday after Memorial Day. We received

the permit that Wednesday and had a brief conversation on the phone with

Mr. Wright. Randy called to ask a question Saturday and Mr. Wright's wife

told him that he had passed away early Friday morning in his sleep. Mr.

Anny had applied for all of his permits until the midstream permit. After Mr.

Army had suffered a slight stroke to the optic nerve in both eyes Mr. Wright

took on the challenge of the permit process for him. Mr. Wright and Mr.

Anny never got the chance to enjoy such a momentous occasion in person.

The two only met just once but had several telephone conversations. Richard

always told Randy he hated emails and cell phones, he stilled used the fax

and the postal service. In there meeting at Mr. Army's site in Convent, La.

Mr. Wright drove to the site in a yellow Hummer and explained the

midstream transfer facility lay out and Mr. Anny was always wondering why

Mr. Wright called his yellow hummer Big Red. Mr. Anny stated that this

could not have been possible without several close friends that stayed stead

fast in making his dream a reality. Anny and Picou stated this would bring

economic growth to both Parishes St. James and Ascension and open new

jobs and opportunities to the communities. While having a conversation with

Mrs. Wright earlier this week, Mr. Anny got the answer to his question Mr.

Wright was colorblind.

Danny Picou