Maggie's babies need good homes

Staff reports
Maggie the cat shows off her new babies.

Meet Maggie the cat and her new family.

Magnolia Assisted Living has been blessed to become the home for a wandering orange and white cat.

As time went by, residents fell in love with her and named her Maggie. She loves everyone and the feeling is mutual.

It wasn’t long before Maggie started looking healthy  and very plump. So much so, that the residents were beginning to worry. A trip to the veterinarian was in order. He smiled as he informed them that Maggie was expecting.

On September 4, during Tropical Storm Lee, she delivered five kittens. She was out in the rain, but the employees quickly brought her and the babies inside.

They made a family room out of a box, then placed them in a private room.

Each day Maggie and her babies are checked on and cared for by the residents who love them.

Three kittens are spoken for and Magnolia Assisted Living is looking for families to adopt the two kittens left.

Please contact them at 647-8400 if you would like to give these babies a good home.     

The residents at Magnolia Assisted Living have taken Maggie and her babies in.