Cao health care bill vote surprises reader

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Sunday morning I woke up to the news that Republican Congressman Joseph Cao voted for the House health care bill. My first reaction was shock followed by disappointment. How could anyone, Democrat or Republican, vote for a massive spending bill that stands in the way of free market values and inserts government bureaucracy. This bill is in direct contrast to my conservative views on how the American government should work. I thought about what the framers of the Constitution would think about this government intrusion into the private lives of the American people. This is a certain assault on liberty. Then another thought came to me.

The framers created the House of Representatives as "The People's House." A Congressman should represent the people of his or her district, not a political party. Let's look at Congressman Cao’s district. It is about three quarters Democrat and a large percentage of those people live at or below the poverty line. These people cannot afford quality health care and thus go without. They only know of their immediate need and will accept anything from the government. They are not thinking about losing personal liberty or paying higher taxes. Congressmen Cao is thinking about being re-elected. He is voting for the will of the people in his district. There is evidence of this in an interview on CNN when he said, "It was the right decision for my district." The Congressman is voting with his district in mind, not his party. Although I don't agree with his vote, I do agree with his thinking of "the will of the people."  Congressman Cao, I think the framers would think of you as a "patriot."

Charles A. Tortorich