LETTER: Reader: Keep Civic Center in Town of Sorrento

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

I would like to inform the citizens of Ascension Parish about a travesty that is about to take place.

The Ascension School Board is going to “take” the Ascension Civic Center in Sorrento to use as a warehouse.

This will greatly impact the citizens of the whole parish because it will probably mean the end of the Boucherie Festival, the Sorrento Volunteer Fire Dept. Trail Ride, Bobbie's Special Tuesdays, commodity give-aways in this area, anybody who needs to have a benefit to raise money because of high medical bills and any companies having picnics.

This building has served these people since 1982 and now, the School Board has decided that it "wants" the building with no regard for the effect on the people of Ascension Parish.

I strongly urge everyone to call the School Board and the Parish Council members and tell them to leave the Civic Center alone.

The cost to rent a Lamar-Dixon building will be prohibitive for these people, and who wants the Sorrento Lions Club Boucherie Festival in Gonzales?

That will work about as well as it did when the Gonzales Jambalaya Festival was held in Sorrento one year. It just didn't work the same.

If the people of this parish don't speak up now, there will be no Civic Center after Jan. 1, 2010.  

Fern Barnett