LETTER: Health Care Reform Bill questions

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

There is a massive 2,000 page bill working through Congress right now, the purpose of which is to “reform” health care in America.  The leaders in Congress are pushing hard to get this bill voted into law in a big rush. Why?  They will not even allow the public to read it before the vote.

There are too many provisions in this bill to mention here, especially since almost all of the details are secret.  They are putting this giant bill together behind closed doors, no press and no Republicans allowed. 

I call this a giant bill for a reason.  It is, as of last leak, over 2,000 pages.  In 1954 Congress passed the federal interstate highway bill into law.  That bill, which established the interstate highway system in the USA, was 29 pages long. What in the world requires over 2,000 pages?

Besides the fact that this bill is suspiciously long, there is only one thing that we know for sure about it.  That is, every congressman and every senator has shown us exactly what they think of the new health care program that they are making.  They want no part of it.  The people who are writing the new program have all exempted themselves from living under it.  In other words, whatever the final bill contains, the congressmen and senators are saying that it is good enough for the regular citizens, but definitely not for them. 

This single fact should be enough to tell all thinking people what is in store for us. 

Although the time is late, it is still possible to defeat this monstrosity.  Write to and telephone your senators and congressmen, ask them to vote NO on any health care plan that they themselves cannot live under.

Harold LaCour