LETTER: Reader enjoyed veterans medal presentation

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

About a 150-200 veterans and family members of deceased and living Louisiana veterans received Louisiana Veterans Honor Medals on Sept. 16 at the Civic Center in Gonzales.

These few men and women probably represented only 5-10 percent of the veterans in our parish. 

My lifelong, good friend and classmate Perry Schexnayder and I received ours together. I also received medals for my dad, Norris Tullier, and my wife Iva’s dad, Raymond “Rambo” Lambert.

Gov. Jindal made a nice talk and presented the medals to each recipient in a warm, respectful, and sincere manner. Needless to say, I got a little choked up when I received mine, my dad’s, and Rambo’s.

My dad’s medal had a purple ribbon, signifying that he had received a Purple Heart. I was emotionally affected by the silver star on the ribbon. (Dad also received two Bronze Stars for gallantry in WWII.)  Anyhow, I posed afterward with the Governor to make sure my emotions were intact in the picture.

Another touching moment for me was seeing the few surviving WWII veterans that were going through the receiving line. Mrs. Molly Prince, in her walker, received her deceased husband’s medal. Iva’s 89-year-old Uncle Marcus “Mac” Boudreaux received his medal. 

About 30-40 police officers in uniform and several firemen received their medals together. There were about 10 Tullier’s present to receive their medals. I wasn’t the only one with damp eyes. For some of these people, it may have been their first public thank you for their years of service and sacrifice.

There was a receiving line after the formal presentation with the governor, our local senators and representatives, the Ascension Parish president, Parish Council members, the Mayor of Gonzales, many Gonzales City Council members, the Ascension Parish Chief of Police, generals, and other visiting senators and representatives.

After the last veteran went through the line, several of the people in the receiving line took their places in line and received their medals. It was a nice event that said thanks to our veterans.

I thank Louisiana and our leaders, especially Gov. Jindal, for their time and the public appreciation to this group of people.

For most of us, just the honor we know and feel for serving our country, some in dangerous times, was/is enough.

If you are a Louisiana Veteran and would like to receive your medal, you can go to this site and apply: http://www.lalegion.org/newsannouncements/laveteranshonormedal.html

Randy Tullier