LETTER: Reader encourages broadband growth

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

I am writing in support of a letter to the editor that I read on July 9 titled “Reader says broadband is a solution to many problems.”

Mr. Manuel, who is a member of the Broadband Advisory Council, talks about removing barriers and making high tech solutions a reality for our state as part of a growth industry. I am excited about the initiatives of the Broadband Advisory Council and what it means for the future of our state.

Mr. Manuel mentioned the many areas that expansion of broadband capabilities would help, specifically higher education. It’s important that students have the opportunity to have options that are convenient and affordable such as on-line education by way of teleconferencing and webinars.

We as citizens need to encourage the growth of the technology industry without interference of the government. I applaud the efforts of the Broadband Advisory Council and look forward to seeing their plans turn into reality for our great state.

Amy Berteau