LETTER: Reader questions politicians

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

I had a bad habit of skipping classes at La. Tech because I could make A’s and B’s anyway. My dad warned me about this.

Apparently the classes I missed are the ones the politicians in Washington, D.C. attended. I missed the Economics class that showed how to take 47 million – their figure, not necessarily true – uninsured people and give them insurance with no increase in doctors, hospital capacity or costs to the rest of us. Somehow, we’ve giving our politicians the impression that as long as they keep billing those evil people who make over $250,000 that it’s OK to give away, set aside and mortgage our children’s future.

I missed the Political Science class that explained civil discourse as ‘un-American’ as alleged by Nancy Pelosi. It was OK for taxpayer-funded organizations such as ACORN to organize to elect this President, but not OK for individual taxpayers who are fed up with an increasingly unresponsive and arrogant Congress to voice their concerns.

I went to a town hall meeting with our congressman in the spring. I was already fed up because of the tax, borrow and spend mentality being perpetuated in DC. Their fix to our economic woes was to double down on the failed policies of the previous few years by borrowing and spending more at a faster rate. I think I was supposed to be grateful to the congressman for getting us a water treatment plant, some spare change for a community health center down the bayou and a few other earmarks out the ‘stimulus’ bill. I also missed the accounting class that showed where $900 billion of liabilities with a few million dollars of assets was somehow a good balance sheet.

My dad showed me that hard work, patience and faith were all keys to success. Sorry, dad, your formula is out of date. The new formula is to buy more house than you can afford, mortgage it for more than it’s worth, trade in a clunker, drop your health insurance, and, somehow make yourself a victim. And don’t dare strive to be so successful that the President and Congress can target your checkbook to pay for all of their radical ideas.

I just wish I could figure out how to sell this to my little children… after all, they’re the ones that are going to have to pay for it all.

Oscar Evans