LETTER: Ascension Chamber opposes ‘Card Check’

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Ascension Chamber of Commerce recently joined forces with area Chambers and the Louisiana Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (LACCE) to oppose S.560 and HR.1409, the “Employee Free Choice Act”, aka the “Card Check” Bill.

This signed resolution will be hand delivered by LACCE President, Hank Grace, and LACCE Vice-President, Chassity McComack, to Senator Mary Landrieu in Washington, D.C. during the Small Business Summit May 11-13.   

The Ascension Chamber of Commerce strives to create a positive economic environment in Ascension Parish and is an advocate for its members. The “Employee Free Choice Act” would deprive an employee the right to a vote by secret ballot, thus providing an atmosphere that would allow intimidation, coercion, and high pressure tactics by labor unions and will force new burdens upon the employer community.

LACCE and area Chambers are concerned about efforts to harm the productivity of businesses and supports the right of workers to organize through the secret ballot process.  

The Ascension Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors opposes the passage of S.560 and Hr.1409. By uniting with other area Chambers, we deem that a strong and positive message will be sent to Senator Landrieu.

Sherry Despino

President/CEO Ascension Chamber of Commerce