LETTER: Reader: Build Oak Grove Community Center

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

In response to Ms. Pie Lanoux's letter of Jan 19, 2009 regarding the Oak Grove Community Center and Recreation, I offer the following comments. As the prior Councilman for the people of District 7, I got $150,000 placed in the 2008 budget which was approved November 15, 2007 to improve the community center. It is listed as Oak Grove Center in the budget.

I am disappointed the money designated for the building has been spent on spray park equipment.

This occurred with no official vote by the Parish Council authorizing the parish administration purchasing department to get bids for this equipment nor a vote to move this money from the facility.

I’ve emailed District Attorney Ricky Babin requesting him investigate this issue. Rules and laws are made to be followed.

I’m all for improved recreation for our area however, I’m convinced this is not the best site for a spray park, and safety for small children obviously was not considered. Another spray park is located just five miles down the highway in Gonzales. If the building is ever improved, where will sufficient parking come from? Hwy. 42 is being widened. 

A debate is now occurring in Louisiana on whether or not we need or should have 12 four-year colleges throughout our state.  Politics got us 12 and now we really can’t afford them all. Do we really need another spray park, especially at this location?  Politics says yes; wise use of our tax dollars and common sense say no.

I agree with Ms. Pie Lanoux.  Let’s build our community center.

Doug Hillensbeck