LETTER: Reader defends creationism

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Sorry, but the one showing ignorance about religion in the science class was at the other end of the pen used to write this article “Religion doesn’t belong in science class.” Where have you been?

There are lots of research papers and other things leading many to believe that religion is exactly the place for the science class. I have seen videos of things that have proven that Darwin’s theory is nothing but just a theory that is probably or should be on it’s way out.

Also, do you believe everything you learned in school? The older I get the more I know that we should learn to question and not just take things in our text books to be the “Gospel” truth. There are many mistakes and many things being left out of the text books in these last years. I tell my students to learn to question and yes, do some research for yourself before you take all that is taught to be the absolute truth.

Our world is in a big mess and that is partly because of people like yourself that actually don’t have all the facts. Many of those facts are right there in your Bible. Did you know that the Bible was used as a textbook back in the early days of this nation? I believe that it would do you some good to read the Bible from cover to cover and then read again the article that you wrote for the Dodge City Daily Globe, Monday, April 20th edition.

Janet Schuler

Dodge City, Kansas