LETTER: Reader responds to flea market counterfeit goods arrests article

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

I am writing you in regards to the article entitled "Flea Market Raided, Counterfeit goods seized."

One of the people who was arrested happens to be someone I know very closely. I do not think it is right that the newspaper publishes the photos and addresses of these people in the newspaper.

First, the whole story is not even given to potential readers. Secondly, there has not even been a trial yet. Of course this is the news as well as public records, but don’t the publishers have any consideration for the families of these so-called "criminals?"

The man I know was selling things at the Flea Market under the impression that what he was selling was authentic. He purchased it online as authentic merchandise. It is not his fault and he is being treated like a criminal--a drug dealer, when he is truly a good man. He was only trying to support his family in a way that he thought was legal. He has never been in any trouble with the law in his entire life.

Why pick on the small guys who had no ill intention? I am sure none of these people knew what they were doing was against the law. It is their suppliers, the people who are selling these goods as authentic over the internet that should be in trouble, yet they get away with it while the small guy who is trying to make what he thought was an honest living is the one who pays the consequences.

The man I know would have never have sold counterfeit merchandise had he known it was counterfeit. He is so sick over this that he is actually having health problems. He is overwhelmed with worry because he is scared he may go to jail for something that he didn't know was wrong in the first place. People who know him know he is not a criminal, yet he has been being treated like one since this incident have occurred. I just wish this nonsense would stop.

Amanda Nicholas

Hahnville, La.