LETTER: Reader says unimaginable amount of money being spent

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

As this letter is being written President Obama is in the final stages of pushing his gigantic spending bill through congress. The Democrats in the Senate call it a “stimulus bill”. The President himself said that is a “spending bill”. Republicans call it a “debt expansion bill”. They are all right, to a point. The dollar amount is not yet settled, but it will surely be, with interest, nearly two trillion dollars.

That is an unimaginable amount of money. But, the size of the bill is not the only thing troubling about it. The other is, why the rush? The bill is already over a thousand pages, and no Senator has had time to read it all. The president is pushing for this huge deal to be “approved” before it can be studied, examined, thought about, evaluated, and debated back and forth. Why?

Could it be that President Obama and Leader Harry Reid have something to fear? Could they have a reason to fast-track this monstrosity through the Senate before the people of the country have a chance to learn what is in it?

The Congressional Budget Office has stated that this huge spending bill has very little in it to “stimulate” the economy.

What it does have is an enormous amount of “pork” designed to reward friends and supporters of President Obama and Democrats in congress. The American People do not have the money to pay for the spending, so it will all have to be “borrowed”, making a debt that our country will never be able to repay. The likely result will be the bankrupting of the government and pushing our economy into a very long term depression.

Republicans do not want to put their names on the bill, but Democrats have enough of a majority that they can pass it all by themselves. Every day that this bill is not passed, more and more people figure out what it is, and support for it by the public falls more and more. If it is not passed soon, even some of the thinking Democrats in the Senate may come to understand how bad the bill is, and turn against it.

How about you? Have you told our senators, Mary Landrieu and David Vitter, exactly how you want them to vote?

Harold LaCour