LETTER: Despair amid jubilation

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

On the 20th of January we watched the coronation of President Barak Obama. Actually, it was an Inauguration… it just felt like a coronation to the throngs of Obama faithful filling every square foot of the National Mall. 

We could see the adoration in the faces of the crowd clearly. They were so happy, so enthusiastic, and so hopeful. They were celebrating because they saw the winning of the White House as a triumph for black people. Race was the only issue on their collective minds. They had won.  Glory, glory hallelujah.

Despair rolled over us in waves watching this spectacle as we realized how much this event meant to the jubilant crowd, and how much they will suffer when they find out, as they will, that they have missed the real meaning of the event that they were witnessing.

The triumph of black people over white racism was an illusion. In reality, white people in America had gotten over racism decades ago and put it behind them.  Barak Obama was not elected because he happens to have a black African father. He is much more than that.

The real event, the real change, is the election of a “Henry Wallace Progressive” to the presidency. (Circa 1948, Mr. Wallace and his Progressive Party were leftist, supported by the Socialist Party and the Communist Party, but separate from both.) 

Although we do not yet know exactly what President Obama will do, the following positions were clearly supported by candidate Obama in the campaign: The “Card Check” plan to deprive workers of their right to a secret ballot, disallowing drilling and the development of domestic oil and gas resources, reducing the power and effectiveness of our military and intelligence agencies, using the hoax of “man-made global warming” as an excuse for huge new taxes, and continuing the failed Bush policy of trying to bail-out the big Wall Street banks.

None of this has anything to do with race. It does, however, have everything to do with absolute power in the hands of a one-party government. Watching this come to pass amid the cheers of millions is gut-wrenching for those few who know some basic history and love their country.

Harold LaCour