LETTER: Program gives prisoners help

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Faith believes in what it cannot see. On rainy days I never doubt sunshine and my belief is that the present prison system of economic exploitation in Louisiana can and will be reformed by the good people of our state.

In Ascension Parish, I have been encouraged by the law enforcement within the parole department. I have met dedicated, educated, professional and courageous men and women who are tough on crime while continuing to offer individual persons compassionate care. They enforce the laws of the state while restoring justice to the community.

Although these people are not official members of CURE, they are citizens united in reaching out to the prison population in the achievement of rehabilitation.

Local churches are also connecting with members within the Ascension Parish Prison system offering new recovery programs for addicted persons. These community outreach programs offer newly released prisoners greater options for re-entry success.

In April of this past year I discovered the CURE organization and became a participating member of the Louisiana chapter in Baton Rouge. The discovery of this organization was like warm sunshine after rainy days of visiting an addicted son in the local parish prison.

Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE) is an international organization that seeks to reduce crime through the reform of the Criminal Justice System, especially prison reform. In 1987 a support group of families with members in prison, sponsored by Catholic Community Services, met with the organizer of National CURE. Thus began the Louisiana State Chapter of CURE. It is supported by membership fees and donations.

For more information visit the Louisiana State Chapter of CURE website at www.curelouisiana.orQ

Juanita Fenley