LETTER: Say no to wasteful spending

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

As if it is not enough that the taxpayers of the nation must bail out a housing market whose policies have crippled our economy, now the taxpayers in Ascension are being asked on the Nov. 4 ballot to foot the bill for a failing private project, the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center.

Our elected officials are not telling us everything for good reason. If they did, we’d see through the ruse.  We’ve lost millions on Lamar-Dixon. They waste our money and come back asking for more. It’s time to put a stop to the foolishness.

Our local economy is sustained by the jobs supplied by our local business and industry. I know. I worked for 30 years in industry. Adding another property tax will not help our crippled economy. It will jeopardize jobs.

I’m not in favor of buying Lamar-Dixon and bailing out this albatross. I’m voting no.

John Haydel