LETTER: LDEC?tax tip of the iceberg

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

On Nov. 4, Ascension voters are being asked to approve a new 3-mill property tax to begin in 2009 through 2028 allowing local government to own, operate, and develop Lamar Dixon.

If passed, yearly revenues projected at $2.1 million will be used to fund bonds to indebt the parish even further. Total outstanding parish debt is presently $87,735,000. This tax on the Nov. 4 ballot is the tip of the iceberg.

• Roads- We will likely be asked next year to dedicate the remaining one-half cent sales tax to roads.

• Wastewater/sewer- When the parish population reaches 100,000 the Federal government will mandate this public utility. We are over 90,000 now.

• Fire Protection- Fire District #1/East Ascension excluding Gonzales and Prairieville, plans a property tax proposal to hire full time fireman.

• Recreation- A new property tax is being considered. Lamar is separate from the recreation budget.

• Lighting- A parish wide lighting tax of up to 5 mills has been mentioned.

• Garbage - Three private companies now provide this service.

• Schools- Ascension Parish School District will be asking for money next year to upgrade existing schools.

These are the ones we know about.

How timely that this proposition comes before we will receive our 2008 property tax bill. This is a reassessment year for residential property. Both the Parish Council and School Board voted to increase property taxes according to new assessments. The millage doesn’t change, but property taxes are increasing.

It’s time to prioritize. If we continue to vote for every tax on the ballot, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves.

Kathryn Goppelt