LETTER: EATEL employees grateful to owners and president

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Much has been written about how family and neighbors came together after Hurricane Gustav. Well, family certainly comes in many forms.

As employees of EATEL, we want to publicly thank the Scanlan family and Robert Burgess, EATEL’s President and Chief Operating Officer, for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our families and homes were safe.

Hurricane Gustav was an overwhelming time for all of southeast Louisiana, but the aftermath of the storm became much easier to manage due to the generosity of the Scanlans and Robert. Following the storm, they provided us with hot lunches and suppers every day (many of them home-cooked). They gave every EATEL employee access to five gallons of gas daily to fill home generators and cars. They supplied tarps to those of us whose homes suffered damage, paid crews to remove trees and debris from our yards and worked side-by-side with employees on all levels to help ease our minds and lessen the burden of our clean-up work at home.

EATEL does a great deal for its employees all year long. So, it’s true. Family isn’t just the people under your roof or the ones you visit on weekends. The generosity and support from our EATEL family allowed us not only to quickly help our customers, but also take care of our own families. And we really appreciate that.

Thank you.

Trae Russell

Communications Manager

on behalf of EATEL Employees