LETTER: Hats off to local businesses

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

We all were guilty. We all stocked up at big chain stores before the storm.  Who was there after the storm getting us all out of a bind?  

While the big stores closed their doors a day before the hurricane and did not open until four days after the winds died down, our local stores opened immediately and helped many of us with our problems. 

Gonzales Hardware owner Don Amedee stayed in his service department and personally serviced chain saw after chain saw and generator after generator while his store ran on a generator.  So did Ascension Equipment, Hutches Hardware, Delaune’s Hardware and many other retailers.  Locally owned Ralph’s and Murray’s Supermarkets ran on generators while keeping people from going hungry and making bread that was not available for quite some time because the large bakeries were shut down.  I may have missed a few. 

The Robert family (Roland Robert Distributor) worked non-stop to make sure emergency vehicles had fuel along with the public getting fuel for their generators and their vehicles. 

When I visit the Ducks Unlimited fundraisers along with the CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) and the Wild Turkey Federation banquets, I always recall the local merchants like the Amedees, Roberts, Gautreaus, Lamendolas, Boyces and many other local merchants contributing to the cause. 

We need to remember what these people do for the community when we spend our money.  We all have a budget, but we all have a conscience.

Rhett Bourgeois